A big rant

I was going to title this a “A little rant” but then I remembered it was coming from a “big” girl by industry standards so there you go, a blog post titled a big rant. I have mentioned on this blog that I am plus size, curvy, fat, whatever your preferred way of referring to … More A big rant

Hello 2016

It takes me a few days to warm up to the new year. Page 1 of my 365 page book is always one I leave blank because the first day of the new year is almost always a downer for me. Day one is the starting point of the vicious circle that we are re-entering, … More Hello 2016

Hello, it’s me

Cheesy title, I know, but who isn’t singing this song? And I haven’t blogged in so long I feel like I am coming back to my long lost friend. It has been so long that WordPress has changed its look and everything is so different now. I miss my blog so much, I miss the … More Hello, it’s me

A lesson a day

I try and take a lesson from each day, sometimes it is a big lesson, sometimes it is as small as learning not to step away from the stove when cooking on a high heat because in two minutes something can and will burn. These little lessons help me grow and also stock me up with … More A lesson a day