Link love #5

How to organise your wardrobe – Chereen Strydom I have absolutely been loving Chereen’s blog, For the beauty of it. Since the beginning of the year she has been posting organizational tips (but tips that she has been enforcing in her own life¬†which makes them great tips). With me trying to simplify my life all … More Link love #5

Link Love #4

Oh, How Pinteresting Pinterest has predicted some trends for 2015, you can read all about it in the above link and see the The Pinterest 100 board. Status anxiety One of my fave ladies on Twitter sent me this link by The School of Life on YouTube and I was so grateful because sometimes you … More Link Love #4

Link love #2

I have some goodies for you to read this week so enjoy! I had “the perfect body” and I still wasn’t happy via Mind Body Green written by Madelyn Moon. This piece is all the proof you need that if you don’t learn to love your body, you never will, no matter how much weight … More Link love #2

Link Love #1

I spend a lot of time trawling the net and I am always “adding to my favourites” but it is pretty selfish of me to keep the good reads that I find in my favourite list so I will be sharing what I find. I have also taken a big liking to reading anything about … More Link Love #1