Daily Organisation

I always liked the idea of being organised and of having my daily tasks neatly written in a pretty diary, I always wanted my files to be organised and labelled without a single piece of paper out of place and the idea of having everything in complete order did sound extremely appealing but those were … More Daily Organisation

Gumtree Gift Guide

Everybody loves receiving a gift but receiving the perfect gift is one of the best feelings ever! When I say perfect gift, I don’t mean the most expensive gift or the biggest gift, I mean the most thought out gift, the one that shows you pay attention to the person and what they like/enjoy/do/want to receive. … More Gumtree Gift Guide

Rain Africa X CROW

Let me start by saying that I love Rain Africa. I agree with everything they stand for, I enjoy their products and they host such memorable and intimate events. The most recent event was held at CROW which is a rehabilitation centre in Durban. It was fitting seen that Rain Africa are sponsoring and donating to the … More Rain Africa X CROW

A bath time story

Remember when you were younger and you looked forward to bedtime stories? You would lie in bed all snuggled up listening intently to a magical story that helped your little eyes close and slowly go into a place of wonder, fantasy and dreams. I have found the adult equivalent – bath time. If I have … More A bath time story