Simplifying My Style


In the last few months I have done  a total of four cupboard clean outs. Each time I got rid of more using a few rules, which I will share with you later. My goal is to live a simple life with little to no clutter and to let go of the things I don’t need or use. It wasn’t easy at first because I am a semi hoarder and I hold onto things for “in case” so with my cupboard it was in case I went to a fancy event, in case I lost or gained weight (yip, I am quite the weight yoyo). The clutter eventually got too much for me, it was literally putting me into bad moods. Each time I got stuck into my cupboard it got easier and now I am pretty much ruthless and my cupboard is pretty much empty (well by my standards at least).

Along with simplifying my cupboard and my space, I simplified my personal style. I wouldn’t say I dress like a pro minimalist, I also don’t follow anything specific, I just know what I like and stick to it. I don’t own anything for in case anymore and I also don’t have a wide variety of options. What I mean by this is I used to try and have one of everything – I wanted every type of skirt, every type and colour denim, every style of top, but this caused my cupboard to be full and unorganized which meant it was not fun to get dressed every morning because believe it or not, there was too much of a choice.

I have now stuck with the things I love and enjoy wearing which is a few simple tops (usually in a print), a few pairs of denim, some leggings, maxi dresses, kimonos, sandals and sneakers. This has simplified my dressing routine, which in turn has simplified my mornings. I battle a lot less with finding something to wear in the morning and nothing is creased anymore or lying at the back of the cupboard.

Sneakers have become a big part of my style, I love the comfort factor and overall I just appreciate a good pair of sneakers. I didn’t own any of the expensive brands which I really lusted after until this week when I received my very first (but definitely not last) pair of Vans from Superbalist. White Vans have been on my list forever but I could never bring myself to spend the money on them because my thinking was that I could go buy three cheap pairs instead of one pair. This resulted in them not lasting long and a lot of sneaker clutter in my cupboard. Thanks to Superbalist, I braved the first purchase of more expensive sneakers and am in my absolute element with them. They are an investment item which is what I am going to focus on now – rather than have many not-so-great items I want to have a few really great items.

Speaking of Superbalist, I was thrilled with their service. I placed my order on Thursday night, on Friday morning I received an SMS and an email to say it had shipped. I received my order on Monday morning so minus the weekend, it took a day to receive my order which is fantastic for an impatient shopper like myself. They have such an awesome variety of quirky bits and bobs and I LOVE their sneaker selection so I cannot wait to place my next order.

Back to simplifying my style, here are some rules I followed to de-clutter my cupboard and simplify my everyday dressing.

  • Season storage

I started off by putting all of my out of season clothes at the very top of my cupboard. While doing this I also got rid of a few things I hadn’t worn and never I wouldn’t wear again by the time the next winter came around. This already freed up so much space (jackets are real space invaders).

  • Love it or lump it

I held onto the things I wear often or those that I really love. The first time if I wasn’t sure I held onto it until the next time and by the next clean out if I hadn’t worn it, I got rid of it. Most of those “in case” items are all gone now.

  • Try it on

If I wasn’t sure or hadn’t worn it in a while then I tried it on. This usually made the decision to keep or lose pretty quick and easy.

  • If it’s broke

If it needed to be stitched, glued, fixed in any sort of way then I got rid of it. Why? because I know that if I really used it or loved it, I would have fixed it the very second it broke/tore/came loose.

  • Follow the pattern

I paid careful attention to what my favourites are, favourite styles, favourite colours and then made a list. Now I try and stick to those styles and colours because I know that is what I love.

In the process of doing all of this I learnt about my personal style and know the items I should buy going forward and what I shouldn’t buy (because it will just sit in the cupboard). This obviously gives me purpose when I am shopping so I don’t go mental when I step into a shop because I actually take the time to think about every item and what it will go with, how I will wear it, how much use I will get out of it, etc.

You can see that by cleaning out my cupboard there has been a ripple effect – everything to do with dressing, clothes shopping, getting dressed in the mornings has been simplified. I really didn’t realize just how much that cupboard clean out has benefited me until I wrote this post.

Everything is cleaner and clearer now so I plan on doing this in every aspect of my life. Next up, beauty and skin care simplified.


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