Gumtree Gift Guide

Everybody loves receiving a gift but receiving the perfect gift is one of the best feelings ever! When I say perfect gift, I don’t mean the most expensive gift or the biggest gift, I mean the most thought out gift, the one that shows you pay attention to the person and what they like/enjoy/do/want to receive.

I have received a few of these and they are the ones that stick out most in mind. One of my favourite gifts ever was one that probably cost under R200 (not sure exactly) but it will forever stay in my memory because it was so personal and so special.

This is what I am aiming to do this year, to buy the perfect gifts. But on top of that I want to have a thrifty Christmas. We all know how carried away we get, spending so much money in December and having to eat baked beans on toast the whole of January. Not this year. This year I am going to search for the most inexpensive, perfect gifts.

Cue Gumtree Gift Guides . I have always said that you can find such gems on Gumtree and while this may not be everyone’s cup of tea for Christmas presents, I think it is perfect to find antiques for the vintage lover, some nice décor or garden furniture for the home decorator or even a tech item that someone would love but that nobody can afford to buy new right now.


The Gift Guide gives you price estimates for categories, for example the average price for antiques is just over R3000 now this may sound like a lot but you can look through all the options and find cheaper options.

Besides finding gifts I am going to browse everything on offer and maybe spoil myself or send links as ideas to those wanting them.

On top of saving, you will also be assisting someone else by taking something that they don’t need/want off their hands. Or sometimes someone is selling something simply because they need some spare dollars and you would be helping with this so I think all in all, this is a win.

It is so easy to buy cheapish outdoor furniture, sand it a bit, re-paint and present to someone as a great gift. There is nothing wrong with finding some old books for a book lover who loves the feel and smell of old books. See where I am going with this? When I say I am doing a thrify Christmas, I don’t mean a junk one, I mean a creative, well thought out Christmas.

I have already spotted a few things I have my eye on for others or myself but I cannot mention what they are on here because I have very supportive friends and family members who actually read my blog and will see.

If you are nervous to shop on Gumtree then have a look through these top tips that they have put together for buyers and sellers to ensure that you have the safest, easiest and smoothest process of either buying or selling

Check out the Gumtree Gift Guides here and get your shop on, but spend wisely (just think of baked beans on toast for the whole of January).



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