Hello, it’s me

Exploding glass with Colored Buttons

Cheesy title, I know, but who isn’t singing this song? And I haven’t blogged in so long I feel like I am coming back to my long lost friend. It has been so long that WordPress has changed its look and everything is so different now.

I miss my blog so much, I miss the interaction, I miss searching for a great stock image or taking an incredibly amateur photo, and most of all I miss writing and just sharing what is in my heart and what is on my mind.

This post is just an update, it is a reminder that I am still here. There is so much I want to say, and I will say it eventually.

My last post spoke about a difficult time with a family member being diagnosed with cancer. I am happy to say that she is just fine, well as fine as she can be. We have time with her for now and I am grateful for that. I might write a bit about things I have learnt and gone through in the time since we found out that someone I love dearly and admire wholeheartedly has that disgusting disease. I might not. I don’t know.

I appreciate the messages of support so much. In a time when it feels like your world has just come crumbling down, it helps to know that there are people who care and who will pray for you and keep you in their thoughts. It helps to know that as much as you feel alone in what you are going through at that particular moment, you are not actually because there are people there for you.

Now if you were wondering how I am, I am fine. Work is extremely busy, my marriage is going really well (it has been a little over six months now). I am still trying to live a simple and beautiful life.

How are you?

That is it for now. I hope that the next post will not take a month to be written. It felt good to take these few minutes and write. I want to do it more often.


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