A lesson a day

I try and take a lesson from each day, sometimes it is a big lesson, sometimes it is as small as learning not to step away from the stove when cooking on a high heat because in two minutes something can and will burn.

These little lessons help me grow and also stock me up with advice so if you walk away from the stove when cooking on a high heat I will tell you to get right back there because your food is going to burn.

Yesterday was a horrible day but from it came quite a few lessons so I am trying to focus on those rather than the actual experience I encountered.

Hurtful and deeply nasty things were said about me. Hearing/reading these things upset me so much that I had a terrible moment of weakness where I basically broke down.

High Fashion Girls Lips With Red Lipstick Makeup

I know that this happens on the daily for many but it is the first time I have experienced it because I am usually surrounded by very supportive, non-judgey people who accept me and actually like me. They may talk about me but I have never heard it so I choose to think that they don’t do it. I have never been body shamed, ever! Yes, this was a part of the nasty things that were said.

I was hurt and then I was angry but after speaking to a few people who do genuinely love me and accept me, I am letting it go and just taking away from it the lessons

  • If you have people in your life who support you no matter what, accept you exactly as you are and love you, then appreciate them every single day.
  • Before you speak about someone just take a second to think about if what you are saying is actually true or needs to be said or are you going to say it to make you feel better about yourself?
  • Try, every single day, to be a good person. We all enjoy a skinner, we all like to get involved in conversations (even the not so nice ones) but try and make a conscious effort to stop all of it.
  • Do not judge! I have said it a hundred times and I will keep saying it until I am blue in the face – you do not know what is happening in my life, you do not know what my financial situation is like, you do not know where I am in my journey. You don’t know anything, unless I tell you, in which case, do not use it against me!
  • Do not be obsessed with image and weight! It can turn you into a meanie without even realizing it.

Overall I am a nice person, and I can say that because I know I am. I have learnt hard lessons which have made me strong and have trained me to appreciate, to love, to try not judge. I am a sensitive person so I tread carefully with others feelings. I am friendly and will always offer a helping hand where I can. I choose to never look down on anyone.

When you know that you choose to live a life in which you will never try and hurt others but they will hurt you in a heart beat, it kind of makes you want to go and live in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a dozen cats and all the books but life does go on and I am going to move on from this. My esteem has taken a bit of a knock but I can get it back up.

As for those that chose to be nasty, I do not wish anything bad for them. I feel sorry for them and I hope that they will one day learn these lessons, but not in the same way I had to learn them.

7 thoughts on “A lesson a day

  1. i echo that comment my beautiful… You are both stunning inside and out and twice the LADY those skinny two faced , sweet as pie, so called friends are or ever will be. You have proved yourself worthy to be a great inspiration and motivation to people that need it most.. and lets face it, the qualities YOU have will last a lifetime.. good looks, bank balances and tight little bodies will fade away and all those meanies will be left with is a big fat NOTHING…

  2. I’m so sorry that you’ve had this awful experience, Kerry 😦 I’ve found that he most judgemental, hurtful people are usually the ones that have the most insecurities, so I always try my best to take their judgements and hurtful comments with a pinch of salt, reminding myself that it has more to do with them than it does with me. I’ve never met you in person, but from the exchanges we’ve had online, I can tell that you are one amazing, generous, kind and loving woman – and you certainly don’t deserve to be treated this way. What’s even more amazing to me is how you’ve chosen to handle this situation – well done on seeking the positive, rather than focusing on the negative! I’ve been in similar situations in the past, and I’m not proud to admit that I did the complete opposite – I lashed back, freaked out, then wallowed in the negativity for a good long while. You’re an inspiration! Sending love xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Chereen. It definitely was not one of my highlights, first time I have felt bullied and shamed so I really wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it and initially during the hurt stage I didn’t want to ever speak to them again but I just kept thinking I never ever want to make anyone feel like I do in this moment so the only thing to do is to try and be a better person in every way I can.
      I appreciate all your support on the blog and ditto – you are one of my biggest inspirations. xxx

  3. I agree with Chereen. People lash out because they are unhappy or broken in themselves. That doesn’t make dealing with it any easier though. Well done for being the bigger person!

    1. Thanks Liezel, so great to get a comment from you as I have been following you for ages now 🙂
      It really does say more about them than me but in the moment I just felt so terrible about myself- it took time and a clear head for me to realize that they are probably broken or unhappy as you said.
      Thank you for the comment and your kind words!

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