I don’t want to be angry

584d5570812e93f5f2783190d96a4783I am not generally an angry person, I am also not an overly opinionated person. Of course I have my opinions and my thoughts but they are not something I will argue about or even get upset about unless it involves body shaming and/or negativity towards women without reason.

But tonight I am angry and tonight I want to voice my opinion because I am tired! Not sleep tired, but tired of the way women are made to feel, every single day, by the media, by each other, by themselves. I am tired of going onto social media and seeing women get ripped apart, I am tired of seeing magazine covers highlighting a little bump or lump on a celebrity, I am tired of seeing articles about a woman who did something she wouldn’t normally do in an attempt to combat any negativity she was receiving. If you don’t know what I mean about this, just visit a few women’s websites like Hello Giggles and you will see the numerous articles about “you won’t believe what this woman did after she got fat shamed”. Usually these are inspiring and brave BUT why was she being fat shamed in the first place? Why did she have to go to extremes to stand up for herself, her body and what she believes in?

The fact that headlines are made of Kim Kardashian’s weight gain (whether pregnant or not) or Amal Clooney’s “bunions” is acceptable is totally unacceptable!

But we do accept it, in fact, we feed it. We buy those magazines, we share the memes. We complain or cry to ourselves but that’s it.

Now this is not entirely our fault, we are sort of wired that way now, but we can make a change by accepting each other in our closer circles. Speak up, call people out on their negative ways. Don’t participate in a gossip session about how much weight that girl from high school has picked up. Don’t pick up that magazine that is basically just full of shit that attacks women.

This is probably not the solution we need, I don’t know what the solution actually is but if we stop buying into it and stop following we could start making a difference. This goes beyond body shaming. We need to empower each other. We need to grow confidence so that we can move forward within ourselves. We need to love ourselves enough to not let anybody treat us badly. We need to know how much we are worth so that we never settle for anything. We need to support each other. But how can we? How can we when we are are not truly seeing ourselves or our potential because we are blinded by what we should be or what we should be doing or wearing. We are bursting with self doubt and we don’t even love ourselves because of what we are fed and we lick that shit up, unfortunately.

Take a moment to think about this. You decide who you love right? You decide what you love about them? Nobody can tell you to love that man or that women because they have this type of body and that kind of personality. You decide! So if you can make the rules of your love, if you can decide how and what to love, why can’t you easily just love yourself? You can decide today to love yourself. No magazine tells you what you should love about a person so how can they tell you not to love yourself? There are no rules set in stone about how we should look or act so why do we think that by being ourselves we are breaking rules or we are in the wrong?

We are strong and we know that we no longer want to feel like this and we sure as hell don’t want our daughters feeling like this so what option do we have? We start with ourselves and we spread the love and stop the hate.

5 thoughts on “I don’t want to be angry

  1. Wow ! Such an eye opening post ! We are constantly bombared by Far shaming and as a plus size girl it does upset me.YES we need to support ,motivate and inspire all women x

  2. I thought it was only me. Women are torn apart by the media, society and each other. It is so disheartening. We all have our issues whether it be bitting our nails or weight issues. Instead of trying to lift each other up. We spend way too much time putting each other down. I’m angry too Kerry!

    1. I agree and we need to change it and the change can start with ourselves.
      Thank you for your comment and for reading my post.
      Let’s hope for change so that we won’t be angry anymore

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