Rain Africa X CROW

Let me start by saying that I love Rain Africa. I agree with everything they stand for, I enjoy their products and they host such memorable and intimate events.

The most recent event was held at CROW which is a rehabilitation centre in Durban. It was fitting seen that Rain Africa are sponsoring and donating to the organization (big thumbs up to them for this!). It was great to hear about the history of CROW and learn about all of the amazing things that they do for our wild animals. They genuinely do care for the animals and want what is best for them which makes me happy because animals are everything right?

I am not going to ramble on about how spoilt we got but the highlights were making our own scrub, realizing that the little watering cans were filled with delicious dessert, seeing the beautiful buffet (we spent more time taking pics of it than actually eating it) and just interacting with each other and the Rain Team.

It is always so good to hear about how Rain is progressing and growing. Because it really is a great brand with good standards so I want to see them do well in their industry and reach new heights, which they are because they introduced us to some new perfumes which are available at stores now. Nectar, Twig and Leaf all have such beautiful and unique smells that everyone will like at least one of them.


Last but not least we got a preview of the Christmas collection which is absolutely beautiful and caused a lot of excitement


It was a great day and once again Rain Africa proved what a forward thinking, natural and caring brand they are.


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