Grab a laptop on Gumtree

About two years ago I attended a blogging event and there was an amazing giveaway up for grabs – a Lenovo tablet. The rules were simple, tweet what we would do/give up to win the tablet. I owned a laptop and tweeted that I would donate this to someone who needed it. It was pretty selfless and selfish because I did really want the tablet but I also thought it would be so good to donate a laptop to someone who could really use it (I needed to win the tablet before I could donate it so that I would still have something to work on at home). The judges liked my idea and picked me to win the tablet (which I still love dearly). It took me a while to decide who to donate it to and I am glad it did because it just so happened that I found out one of my brother in law’s friends who was in matric had received a bursary to study. I knew he didn’t come from a very well off family and thought he would be the perfect person because I knew he would really use it and appreciate it. He did…obviously.

The handover

My tablet is awesome for so many reasons but I hate typing on a touch screen so I have been thinking about getting a laptop for my writing. I know that you can get those Bluetooth keyboards to link to a tablet but I feel like a tablet is more for fun and easy stuff while a laptop is for work and those days you spend hours typing and researching, etc. I am feeling the need for a laptop becoming more and more important because right now I am doing the whole pen and paper thing when I want to write which is cool but damn, writing all the ideas and feelings that go on in my mind results in a very cramped hand and a grumpy writer.  Can you remember how much we used to write at school every single day? I write a paragraph now and my hand doesn’t want to work anymore!

I do not regret giving up my laptop at all because it benefited two people (myself and the guy above). It is just that because I am writing so much more and have big plans for the future I find myself just needing one now.

Because I am doing the whole extreme budgeting thing and trying to get my finances in a better state, I am looking at Gumtree for a second hand laptop for now. Of course Gumtree makes the search super easy because they have a Laptop price checker.


This way if you are looking for a specific model, you don’t have to go through all of the laptops on offer to find it. You select your preferred brand and/or model and it finds whatever is on offer.

I am not sure what brand I am going to go for, I guess whichever one is a really great price and seems to be in good condition. Of course, I would love a Mac but my budget probably won’t allow for it and it is basically just for writing, social media and amateur photo editing so I don’t need to go all fancy schmancy for that. I am saving for one so I don’t know when I will actually buy it but it is so helpful checking on what is selling and what the going rates are so that I know how much I need to save before I get one.

What is your favourite brand? What should I be looking at?

*Disclaimer, this is a sponsored post but all words/stories are my own.


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