How do you choose your next book?


One of a reader’s biggest problems is too many books and not enough time which leads to the big old question, what to read next? Sometimes I can waste a day or two of actual reading time while trying to decide on what to read next. Sometimes having to decide causes me to go into a slump because how do I choose when there is just so much I want to read?

I have made a little list for myself which I will share with you because no time should be wasted when time could be spent reading, right?


There are actually websites that help you decide what to read next. You can put in all sorts of info into these sites to help them determine what your next read should be. Here is a list of seven of the best sites to help you find your next read. I have tried BookYap and I often use Goodreads suggested book lists.

Stick to author

If you find an author that you love then make a marathon of it, for example, I am actually reading all of John Green’s books at the moment and it has been easy to pick up my next read because it is all the same author and I don’t feel like I am missing out or making the wrong choice of what to read next because I enjoy all of his books. There is no FOMO when sticking to an author.

Published Date

This will take a bit of research but take your TBR list and arrange it in published dates and read through them in date order. I would start from oldest to newest but you could do it the other way around.

Reading challenges

There are so many of these so if you decide to take on a challenge then you just follow the list of books. I have never done a challenge but they are popular amongst readers.

Out of a hat

You could always just use the good old pull a name out of a hat method. You could also use a little mason jar, pretty it up and write the book titles on coloured paper and put them in. This is probably a better way because you can actually keep the jar and add pieces of paper with new titles you want to read.

In order

Follow the order of your bookshelf.

Those are my ideas and methods. How do you choose your next read? What other ways are there to decide?

2 thoughts on “How do you choose your next book?

  1. Great post! My process is simply finding out what others are reading. I mostly tend to series that have 3-5 books in it.

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