Life lately – mid September


I am going to be sharing little snippets of what I am up to from now on because I love reading posts like this and many of you have taken interest in my lifestyle changes and journey to becoming a better me.

Loving – I am absolutely loving the Calm app. I actually downloaded it quite a while ago and only recently got into really using it. It does exactly what the name suggests – calms me down completely. Last week was a rough one, my mind just would not stop so I created a little spa vibe in my own bath tub and lay listening to the beautiful noises of nature and I felt the difference in my body and mind. I also found that I had a beautiful sleep and fell asleep really quickly when listening before bed.

Watching – Better off Ted, I am obsessed a little bit. It is an American satirical situation comedy series featuring mainly no names (hilarious no names though). The only actress I know of from the show is Portia de Rossi and she is actually my favourite character on the show. It took a while for me to catch on to the humour but I am now completely hooked and recommend it to everyone. Read more about it here

ReadingLooking for Alaska by John Green. This is an oldie by John Green and while I have now spotted a definite pattern in his plots, I just love his writing so I will look past the almost predictable plot and enjoy the words on the pages.

Challenging – I haven’t done a shop for anything other than food and necessities for about two months now and I feel a very desperate urge to hit the shops coming on (it was literally all I wanted to do this weekend) but I am fighting it. As much as I have saved while not splurging, my months are still very tight because of my debt (How did I actually get through the months when I was shopping like a crazy lady?)

Journeying – Since my huge declutter my journey to a simpler life has been going slowly. I am making small changes like trying to simplify my skincare and makeup routines and such. My wardrobe is obviously a lot less cluttered so I have less choice in the mornings which actually means I spend less time trying to find something (I didn’t believe it could be, but it is and I will write more on this soon).

Trying – I am a very fussy eater which means I am limited but I am trying to be a bit healthier with my choices and eat more natural and less sugar (speaking of, everybody needs to watch That Sugar Film, life changing stuff!) but I am trying new things all the time which I have never previously done. I usually stick with what I know and eat it until I can’t stomach it anymore. So far I have tried avo, cooking with onion, and kiwi’s. All of which I will definitely be adding to my lifestyle, so this is clearly paying off.

Changing – I have been slack with my skin previously but now that I am getting older have realized how important it is so I now make sure that I do my whole routine every day.

Please feel free to do your own little update because as I mentioned, I love posts like this.

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