The list of simple

Making the choice to try and simplify my life was one of the best I have ever made. Of course, I am not even halfway there yet because I was anything but simple in my “former life” so I have had to learn some things, try some things, toss some things and most importantly appreciate everything!

I have been making notes of the things that make my life more difficult than it needs to be or that cause unhappiness, and even anxiety. When I sat down to review that list it was so obvious that I basically sabotage myself and my progression in living simpler because I make things more complicated than they need to be or because I obsess. Now that I am paying attention to these I am going to be making the necessary changes.

Slow down, don’t rush through everything

I will not go to the loo until I finish this blog post because I don’t know how to slow down. If my to-do lists aren’t done when the day is done, I panic. Yes, procrastinating is seen as a bad thing in some cultures but I do want to slow down and find a good balance

Learn to say no

I have yes syndrome. I do not know how to say no and I hardly EVER say no. Do I need to say more? No!

Own less, love more

I already own less because I did the big declutter not so long ago but now I want to build up a home of things I love. I only want to buy something when I absolutely love it. I want to be in love with everything in my house, in my wardrobe, in my mind.

Limit choices

I am indecisive, probably the most indecisive person ever! I will rather get five small sides than order a big main. Having to make decisions freaks me out so I want to limit them as far as I can but without closing myself off to opportunities.

Get rid of debt

I got gifted a money box, a very pink and cute one which was so thoughtful because it means that my friend has been paying attention to my intentions and goals. This is just another way I am going to save to get ride of all of my debt.

Spend time with those who energize not drain me

Whenever I am around someone who is negative, I am negative for a few days after and vice versa. This doesn’t mean people can’t have off days, but there are those certain people who are constant downers or who just drain you.

Eat what my body needs not always wants

I love sugar, and I used to think it loved me back but I have just noticed how tired my body and I are and I am not into it so I want to go a bit more natural and get back to a better way of eating.


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