Mental Illnesses as Monsters

We all know that nobody really likes to talk about mental illness, this is mostly because they are so misunderstood. Toby Allen is an illustrator who has drawn monsters to represent different illnesses with a little description of each monster (illness). Something as simple as an illustration (not that the process of actually creating the illustration, of course) can spread awareness and maybe even some knowledge which could lead to understanding.

I have shared my anxiety troubles before and as a sufferer, I don’t so much wish for it to go away (although that would be amazing) but I wish for there to be more tolerance and acceptance that these mental illnesses are a real thing, and are serious! The more we talk, the more we share, the closer we will get to these conditions not being treated as just a “cry for attention”. These illustrations are a way to attract attention to illness in a non boring way.

11880490_1005291032836284_3274640511401863826_n 11836672_1005291042836283_1116315555078862265_n 11817207_1005291072836280_8934108026065163676_n 11825916_1005291039502950_5023595822161209203_n 11846569_1005291056169615_2477566716209671827_n 11846708_1005291036169617_2616803756265843209_n 11705357_1005290916169629_2049181833810143090_n 11817172_1005290839502970_872726553184386431_n 11822556_1005290819502972_4629127381395306777_n 11825942_1005290792836308_4460846792434810559_n 11846594_1005290816169639_8779494205741460782_n 11866399_1005290822836305_3966856128607197653_n 11831767_1005290756169645_7467394129637358477_n 11866399_1005290749502979_8174654475609344732_n

Do you suffer with any of these? If so, what do you think of these little descriptions?

Please also go and have a look at more of Toby Allen’s work on Tumblr. I am quite the fan now.

*Disclaimer: This is not my work, it is the work of Toby Allen

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