The realisation stage

A while ago I admitted to having some problems – one of them being my shopping habits and the other that I am a semi hoarder which means that I have a lot of clutter – in my home, in my mind, even in the digital world (the two problems are actually linked). I have taken so much time to re-evaluate my lifestyle which has started resulting in good things. I am now in the realisation stage, I keep having aha moments which have me starting to make small changes, reading about others that have had similar experiences, making lists of things I want to achieve and just letting my mind work in a different way (most of the time anyway).

I do believe that because this has become such a habit and has been the way I have lived my life for the last six years or so, it is going to take a while to completely change but I am absolutely ready for change because my current lifestyle is not working for me.

Last night I had a big realisation as I was getting into the bath. I saw a makeup bag that had once been filled with some sample goodies (but is now empty) stuffed between a few things in my bathroom. I obviously had nowhere to put it and I have obviously NEVER used it. The scary thing is this is pretty much the norm for me. I shove things in arb places because I need somewhere to put them and then I never end up using them and get angry when I see the clutter.

So while I was sitting in the bath I thought about other spots in my house that are full of crap that I haven’t touched. I realised that I hold onto things in fear of needing them one day. This goes back to my childhood because I had little so now I overcompensate and I must have more of everything, just in case.

I then made a rule that when I start the big de-clutter I am going to be ruthless. It hit me that if anything happens to my current makeup bag and I don’t have a backup (who has a backup make up bag?) I can get myself one. I am a working women who gets a stable income (I might not be left with much after debt) but I can definitely buy a cheap makeup bag if the need arises, and the same with many of the other things I have extras or backups of.

I woke up this morning and read this post on Elephant Journal and I found myself nodding at all of the points and had the weirdest feeling. It was almost like the universe was trying to confirm the thoughts that I had last night. It also just gave me that extra bit of motivation/inspiration I needed to start the journey to a simple life.

I am going to attempt the start of the de-clutter this weekend. I don’t know how much I will get done, but I am going to make notes of how many items I get rid of in each room.

Do you have any tips?

P.S I am also going to start reading The life-changing magic of tidying up this weekend


7 thoughts on “The realisation stage

  1. very proud of you my precious… and yippee, your old make up bag can become my new one.. i have lots of space for your clutter!!!

  2. De-cluttering makes such a difference. One almost feels lighter after ridding yourself of unnecessary stuff. I also used to hoard a lot but have recently gotten into the routine of sorting and donating my clothes twice a year and every month sifting through my makeup etc and give it away to friends etc. The most important thing is to split up the de-cluttering process and set aside a detox day to do it. Otherwise you’ll most likely find yourself delaying it the whole time.

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    1. Thanks for popping in Abby 🙂
      I really believe that and I am actually excited to start the process.
      I will be dedicating a day to doing this and doing a room at a time. With some good music and after I have read that book I am sure I will get it done and feel so much happier.

  3. Two years ago I started de-cluttering our house. I have four kids and we live in a 3 bedroom town house. Space is not abundantly available. You have to be ruthless. I did it one room at a time so I could properly focus on it. I also did it in stages – if you haven’t used it in a year – out it goes. Then the second round, if you haven’t used it in 6 months etc etc. I threw out and donated BAGS and BAGS of stuff. I now do it every 2 months. We had so much excess. Our house actually felt lighter.

    1. Yay 🙂 I am so glad I am inspiring a few ladies to get involved. It is such a refreshing feeling and the energy in your home definitely changes. Let me know how it goes x

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