Is it that simple?


Nothing is simple because we mostly choose to complicate everything! We form a picture in our mind of what our lives should look like at a certain age, we make mental (or pen to paper) check lists of what our “perfect life” should look like but unfortunately life is about progress and not perfection, it is about taking the good with the bad and it is about finding YOUR way – not the way of your sibling, not the way of your parents or following the road of that girl online who seems to have it all.

I am guilty of all of the above and much more! One day I think I have it figured out, the next I am sitting writing this blog post because I do not have it all figured out. But…. progression, not perfection, remember.

A simple life is what I am after, and I am working towards it but then I find myself thinking, is de-cluttering my digital life, setting financial goals and restrictions, building a capsule wardrobe and all the other bits and bobs I am working towards really going to make me happier? Are they going to really change my life that much? Then I remember that at the moment my life is all over the place and I am not the happiest I could be, because of decisions I make, things I choose to do and just overall mind clutter. So if I change that, it could make me happier.

If I break it down to the things that currently stress me out, cause my anxiety to go through the roof or make me unhappy it would go something like this

Problem: Financial issues

Solution: Stop buying unnecessary shit

Problem: Constantly feeling anxious and overwhelmed

Solution: Take meds everyday, de-clutter all areas of life, eliminate anxiety triggers.

Problem: Constant comparison

Solution: Digital detox and de-clutter

Problem: Pressure

Solution: Accept the pace life is moving at

Problem: The constant nagging need to have things

Solution: Stop chasing things and causing more clutter. Choose to be happy with what I have.

This of course is not the hidden key to open the door to the best life, simplicity it is also not the answer to everything, but the answers to my most common problems are really simple, let’s see if putting the solutions into action make my life simpler.

2 thoughts on “Is it that simple?

  1. So true Kerry, great post! A lot of this works in line with the whole ‘gratitude’ vibe (I dont know if you saw my recent post) and choosing to focus on the good things ❤

    1. Thanks for reading Andrea – absolutely linked to gratitude which we all lack at times but I am really going to make an effort with this 🙂 I did see your post and enjoyed it!
      It is about simplicity, focus and gratitude basically, which all seems so simple!

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