{Review} Darling Jane products


I spotted Darling Jane on my Instagram and was intrigued straight away – all natural, use of beautiful ingredients and even the packaging was clean and attractive so I ordered, and then I ordered again. This is my first review and there will be more coming as I use each of the products (it is now my mission to try everything they have on offer).

My first order was the fresh peppermint set (R90) which includes the face scrub, sugar scrub and lip balm,  the deep conditioning hair mask (R75)  and the vanilla grapefruit lip balm (R25).


Fresh Peppermint face scrub

This is so gentle on my skin and when I first smelt it I thought it might be a bit overpowering but when applying it is subtle and such a natural scent. My face felt ridiculously clean without feeling stripped after use. I didn’t feel the need to moisturize after like I usually do with other scrubs. It is not a harsh scrub and rubs down to almost a paste which I found really nice because it just felt like it completely cleaned my face and the natural goodness soaked into my skin. I can’t comment on if my skin is looking any different because in general I don’t have problem skin but I can definitely feel a difference after using it.

Fresh Peppermint sugar scrub

This felt a bit less gentle on my skin, but not unpleasant at all. This left my skin feeling stripped of all the nasty stuff but still moisturized (this would be because of the oils I am assuming). The first night I used it, I used it just on the top of my legs, buttocks and stomach/love handle area as that is my favourite place to scrub and I could feel the difference between the parts I had scrubbed and those I had not scrubbed. I had purchased a different sugar scrub a while back and I simply can’t compare. I think the essential oils really make a difference and are a must for my body.

Lip balms

Extremely moisturizing with a gentle scent. The Vanilla Grapefruit leaves the similar feeling on your lips that you have after eating a citrus fruit, which I love! It is obviously more subtle though. In three days my lips are smooth with no cracks.

I haven’t tried the peppermint lip balm as yet as I have been obsessing with the Vanilla Grapefruit one but I am sure it has its own tricks.

Deep conditioning hair mask

My hair is in quite a bad condition at the moment after a total fail which had me dye my hair three times in one day, but it is now a fiery red, well actually shades of fiery red which I am enjoying however, I do not enjoy combing it. I also suffer with a natural frizz. I used the hair mask for the suggested 40 minutes, then rinsed it off and shampooed and conditioned as usual. I could feel it was a bit softer after rinsing off the hair mask, but then after the shampoo round it almost felt course again so I didn’t have high hopes for combing and drying it but I was pleasantly surprised – combing was easy peazy. Frizz was tamed to a noticeable degree so I have high hopes for this hair mask getting my hair to a softer, less frizzy state.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with these products and ecstatic that I have found a brand I have complete faith in and won’t hesitate buying anything from. Of course, it is a huge plus that all products are natural.

You need to know that I am a serial bath taker. I would bath all day if I could and I love bath goodies so I have tried a lot of different products and honestly these just make me feel so fresh.

My next review will be coming soon and this will include the bath fizz and bath salts in the Vanilla Grapefruit of course.

For all the details, info, to buy, go here and get excited.


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