Working in fashion is fab & other misconceptions


I think we have all had the idea of what working in fashion should look like – glamorous parties, high heels and bitchy girls. This is because of movies (the media… again) and yes, there are some times when you involved in fashion that it can be fab but not all the time. In fact, more often than not, it is nothing like you expect it to be.

I am an assistant fashion merchandiser by day which is technically described as

Fashion merchandising is a profession that incorporates the A-to-Z processes in the fashion business ranging from producing, product development, promoting and buying and selling fashion items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and shoes.

A fashion merchandiser may work for a textile manufacturer, a designer or a fashion retail outlet such as a department store, children’s clothing store or a discount store. He or she is well-versed with the fashion industry as well as the socio, cultural and economic aspects of textile production. A fashion merchandiser is also required to be in touch with market trends, fashion updates as well as popular preferences in a particular locality.

I work for a supplier for a big retailer so yes we do the A-Z processes of getting the best product (denim in my case) to store for the best possible price, keeping in mind the trends and many other factors. It is not technically designing but there are design elements involved in what we do.

The job is great, I enjoy everyday of it because I learn something new and I get to correspond with people all the time but it is definitely not glamorous (not that I need glam because I am not actually that type of gal).

Let me tell you more about it and nip any of those misconceptions you may have about working in the fashion industry in the bud;


Like I said, it is not all glits and glam. It can actually be highly stressful and super busy at times but we are not running around in heels and perfectly manicured nails. No, we are looking through fabrics, we are emailing and Skyping furiously. We are searching emails from like a year ago and we are negotiating on everything!


I think there is a misconception that fashion is fashion is fashion but it isn’t. There are a lot of different jobs within fashion, there are so many different elements that make up the fashion industry that not even I know about. When you tell someone you work in fashion, it does not mean you necessarily work at a magazine or are a designer, it could mean so many things.


It can be tough, it can be stressful and of course sometimes you will deal with harsh people and harsh situations but it is not The Devil Wears Prada.


Please do not starve yourself to get a job in fashion, do not leave your lunch at home the first day of your fashion job because you think nobody eats. We eat! Sometimes a meal is skipped because work is piling up but we certainly do not starve ourselves. Of course, there are those who do, but that is not because they work in fashion and they are told not to eat, it is their choice.


Not all fashion lovers and workers are dressed head to toe in exclusive brands. Do not feel like you won’t fit in if your closet isn’t all Chanel and Zara. You don’t have to spend buckets of cash to “fit in” or be fashionable. Wear what you want to wear, what you are comfortable in, and what you can afford or like.

So there you go, these are just a few of the misconceptions. Do you have any questions about my job? about the industry? Feel free to ask in the comments section or email me.

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