These disgusting beauty/body standards

So I watched this video this morning and it left me feeling quite shocked and sad.

WHY has there been an “ideal body shape” for each era? Who decides that now is the time for a curvaceous body or an athletic body type? Why do they fill our heads with this nonsense? Who are they?

No wonder our minds are filled with so much confusion and so much hate towards our bodies, because we don’t know any better. Women have been told for years and years that this is how they should look and are basically pressured into it because that is what they are told, that is what they see everywhere in the media.

So you see, the body image epidemic actually started from way back and has never been treated, never been stopped, and  today we still see it and are suffering for it. Each body type has had its “time to shine” according to this video but our bodies are not a trend, they are not something we can just dump when it’s “so last season”. Our bodies are of the most value, yet so many of us treat it like it’s just something that is never good enough. We re-fuel it with the wrong things, we constantly put it down and undervalue it.

There is no possible way we can keep up! How can one go from “heroine chic” to “Italian renaissance”? Why should we want to?

If you watch till the end you will see that plastic surgery is a regular thing to achieve the “post modern” beauty standards! Thanks Kim K.

This video is a testament that it is virtually impossible to keep up so why do we continue to put the pressure on ourselves to try? In my opinion there is actually no body ideal because each body is completely unique and should be appreciated for that. Every body is a good body. How do we let “them” tell us that we are not good enough? We are stronger than that surely?

If your body is not where you want it to be, make the changes YOU want to make but don’t make it drastic, don’t do it satisfy others or their body ideals. Your body is your body and it works for you only. You can choose to love yourself, you can choose how you want to feel about yourself. Choose correctly!

So many women refer to their bodies or their stretch marks or their jiggly bits as disgusting, well I say that these beauty and body standards are disgusting!

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Let’s get the debate going? Let’s get the movement moving and lastly, let’s just share and spread the option of self love.

9 thoughts on “These disgusting beauty/body standards

  1. It is actually crazy and scary how drastic the change in the ‘ideal’ body is from one decade to the next, making it impossible for any woman to feel good about herself for more than 10 years, unless she conforms to the new standard. I think that the first thing that we have to do is stop putting celebrity bodies on pedestals. Their bodies are contrived by trainers and dietitians and sometimes surgeons for maximum media attention, it’s not the natural norm. Secondly and most importantly, we need to ensure that young girls who are just coming to terms with their own body image are shown that they don’t have to conform to be beautiful, they already inherently are.

    Great post Kerry xxx

    1. It really is scary and of course there is no way for us to keep up with the “ideals” which is why I think it is so important that we just stop allowing ourselves to be puppets and start standing up for ourselves. Let’s just say NO, we don’t want any ideals, we are not going to all praise or want to be like this woman or that woman. Thanks for the comment Vi and yes, the young girls are one of my biggest concerns.

    1. I really think that everyone is always going to have different opinions about this topic and there will probably always be debate about it. I agree on some level with this woman but the fact is that there are too many things thrown at us all the time which make us feel like we are less beautiful or that we need to change ourselves which is why I think so many brands are jumping on the bandwagon. I personally love Dove for their adverts because they generally touch some part of me and make me really think.
      I just hate seeing videos like this because it continues to promote what I want to fight – that there are certain ways to be, certain body types, certain curves that will make you good enough or feel better about yourself.
      I love talking about this topic though because it is nice to see what other ladies are thinking and feeling.
      Thanks for the support Sharon xx

      1. What I loved most about her post though, was how she spoke about how every brand, product, merchandise company is fixated on making us feel/think we’re beautiful, when in fact we should and are (in my opinion) so much more than the sum of our looks. I know this intellectually…. I just wish I could embrace it emotionally. Know what I mean?

      2. Oh absolutely! I agree with that 100% but the problem is that a problem with looks can cause a problem with confidence which can cause a problem in many aspects of life. Most of us want to feel like we look good, that is just the fact of life and clearly these brands have tapped into that. I do wish though that when one speaks of beauty, they don’t just mean outer, they mean whatever beauty. I mean, I am not beautiful to an onlooker but I feel I have a good heart which makes me beautiful inside.

      3. Bingo to what you said there about inner beauty and outer beauty. Also, for me, there is a difference between knowing you look good and knowing you’re beautiful. I look in the mirror, I’m well groomed, my hair is done, I’m wearing nice clothes, I know I look good, doesn’t necessarily mean I am beautiful though? KWIM?

  2. You’re so right. We spend way too much time hating our bodies and no time at all being thankful for their ability to run, or dance, or experience touch. It’s sad that looking at our bodies with love and admiration is deemed vain, but hating and slicing them up is increasingly normal.

    1. Exactly – it is actually amazing when you take a minute to think about how our bodies work and the things they allow us to do, feel and experience yet we take every chance to hate them.
      Normal in modern society is actually scary because normal is plastic surgery and stupid celebrity challenges to make your lips bigger.
      I am so on a mission after this to just do whatever I can to make body shame and hating ABNORMAL.
      Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving a comment – support is always so nice!

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