{Review} Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr


What it’s about

Hi everyone and welcome to my book! It’s really close to my heart because it’s inspired by my journey to becoming confident and feeling happy about who I am. I wanted to write the book to share the things I’ve learnt with you – to reveal my top tips on fashion, beauty, love, friendship and YouTube… and loads more! Plus there is room for you to list your own hopes and dreams alongside mine – so get creative and get involved! I’d love it if this book became a keepsake you can treasure for years to come and learn to love yourself along the way – like I have. I hope you enjoy it!


Tanya xx

My thoughts

I love that bloggers/vloggers and influencers are writing and publishing books. If you’re a blogger/vlogger yourself, you can learn from these books and if you are fan, you can learn more about the person behind the keyboard/camera.

Firstly, Tanya Burr’s YouTube videos are cool. She shows so much personality and it is contagious. I find her cute and confident but you learn in the book that she wasn’t always like this (which you would never say) so she talks about how she built up her confidence. She walks you through all her awkward and tough years and how she learnt to handle situations and overcome certain things. I always enjoy a book like this because I love reading how a “wounded soldier” got back up and fought. It also of course helps to know that someone as big as Tanya has some of the same problems as us normal gals do.

I especially loved the chapters about anxiety and depression and then about her YouTube journey because these both offered valuable insight and give hope. I know that Tanya has a lot of younger fans who are easily influenced and are going through the stages of finding themselves and realizing they may suffer with anxiety or depression so I think its great that Tanya is open about hers and offers advice about it. I love that more people are becoming more open about this topic and when it comes from someone “famous” I feel it can only do good in the world.

Her YouTube journey started off as we all start off – scared, vulnerable, not knowing what you actually doing but look where she is today so this teaches hope as well as gives help for if you want to start a blog or YouTube channel.

You would look at Tanya on YouTube and think she has it all together but after reading her book, you realize she didn’t and she doesn’t which is what I enjoy most about books like this. Perhaps it is faulty that we enjoy and get hope from someone else’s bad experiences or learning about their faults but we are only human and I guess we just want to see those who we think are super human as a normal being, just like us – it puts that hope in us.

After each chapter, there are lists which summarise what she has spoken about and also offer advice. The advice is mostly nothing new but it is nice to read and ends off the chapters nicely. Reading about her highlights/opportunities her channel has brought her was nice too because she got to some cool stuff.

If you’re a blogger/vlogger or a soon-to-be blogger/vlogger I recommend picking up this book. Fans of Tanya Burr will speed read this one.

If you don’t know who Tanya is, then check out her channel here

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