Plus size news

The word plus size is on everyone’s lips. The industry is creating a buzz and this makes me smile because being plus size or a little overweight is not a crime and spreading body love should be at the top of all females lists. The more we fight, the more we talk and the more we accept, the harder we will make it for society to stand against us and judge us.

Here is some news from the plus size side of things

Plus-size YouTube star Loey Lane has hit back at hateful critics who argue bigger women shouldn’t wear bikinis and are promoting obesity.

I actually follow this beautiful woman on Instagram and I love her feed. She is absolutely gorgeous and puts herself out there to try and help fight the cause. One of my favourite things she said about the backlash about her wearing a bikini was “Let me tell you something, anyone who is fat and not absolutely miserable is promoting obesity” (that is according to the critics). You can read more here

An article and video about a realistic look at the plus size fashion industry has been released and the full documentary will be released in 2016. Video below

A great piece written by Theresa Avila on what our obsession with plus size really says about us.

Melissa McCarthy talks about segregating plus-size clothing for women

An unedited and unretouched swimsuit campaign is making waves

Six trends spotted at Full Figured Fashion Week 2015

Is there anything that I have missed?  Let’s chat about our bodies.


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