Simple happiness

The more I am training myself to live simply, the happier I am becoming. The decision to live more simply came about for so many reasons,

– My anxiety

– My need to shop and always have things

– The clutter in my house

– Just never feeling like I had enough, of anything.

After hitting a pretty hard rock (I won’t say rock bottom because I managed to prevent that) I had a complete change of mindset and starting implementing the changes I needed to make which were,

– Declutter, starting with my cupboard

– Go minimalistic (still in the process of doing this)

– Stop buying unnecessary stuff

– Just live simply, in all ways.

So far it has been easier than I thought (not so much the stop buying part, but working on that) because I have just felt so different. It’s almost as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel ten times lighter because I don’t have this constant needy nag. I am starting to enjoy the simpler things again like having a really good bath, spending time with my loved ones, a good book, playing with my cat, listening to music, flowers and nature, etc.

I have taken myself out of a situation which was making me desperately unhappy and am living a life with less but I am happier and more content, go figure..

Right now, I am in my element. I bought a dressing table. I have never had a dressing table, always wanted one but have never had one. And what’s even better is that not only do I have a dressing table, it was a bargain buy and I COULD snap it up when I saw the advert because I hadn’t gone completely crazy on stuff I didn’t need after payday. I could purchase it guilt free because I hadn’t overspent and I could basically afford it.

Now I get to search Pinterest and find little storage solutions for all the stuff that is about to go on my dressing table. I already found an awesome idea for my makeup brushes

I kept some of my wedding jars so I will be storing my brushes in those

The dressing table also means that I have to get rid of some junk in the room which we don’t use so it’s a win-win situation really. I have also proven so much to myself so this dressing table excitement is much deeper than just getting a dressing table.

Here is the dressing table I speak of, simple and pretty which is all I need.



3 thoughts on “Simple happiness

  1. I love this. I really need to do this. Tell me how!
    Especially the shopping part. I am a shopaholic and literally want everything I see the minute I walk into the shops! Especially clothes & especially since my weight loss journey, I have a terrible problem and it’s going to get me into big trouble! Tell me how?? Please??? 🙂

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