My DIY wedding

I have been married for almost two months now, I am still not used to being a Mrs (I still get giddy when I think about it) but everyday that I wake up I know that I am right where I belong. I pretty much had the wedding of my dreams – I had the trees surrounding me, we had all of our loved ones there, everything was beautiful and ideas came to life.

I went the DIY route so that I could get exactly what I wanted and of course to save some pennies. It turned out to be easier than I expected because when you know where to look for the right stuff, have lots of hands helping and all the ideas then it pretty much just happens.

I knew that I wanted the whole rustic/mason jars/tea light candle/hessian vibe long before I even knew my wedding date. It was just something I loved and with wanting an outdoor wedding it was perfectly suited everything I had envisioned. Naturally, all the ideas came from Pinterest (how did people plan weddings before Pinterest?)

The first thing to do was to find the perfect jars and wood, etc, etc. I found some of the jars at Checkers and found the balance as well as the wood centre pieces on Gumtree! I had no idea that they had a wedding category until I was sent a link to a beautiful dress posted in the Gumtree wedding category (this led to me checking Gumtree every single day, every few hours in fact, for new adverts) It paid off because as soon as the ads went up, I replied and got my décor bit by bit. I honestly thought my dress would be from Gumtree and there were a few that I wanted to try on but I ended up finding the one  (it’s true what they say about the one)at a bridal shop before I was meant to go see the others and so I cancelled all my viewings.

As you can see from the images my décor was pretty straight forward. Lots of hessian and lace. Most of it was DIY and a lot of fun was had trying to find it all and then make it into what I had pictured.

Hall set up was emotional because I saw it all come together and it was even better than I imagined. Here are some images of set up and this wasn’t even the final product.

All in all, the décor was one of my favourite parts of the planning and the wedding. The fact that it was DIY made it so much better because all the work was there to show and it completed my dream wedding which looked a little something like this


My advice to anyone planning a wedding or any sort of event, don’t be afraid to look on Gumtree (there are dresses, suits, accessories and some décor) or to browse “cheaper” options because you will find some gems for the most ridiculous (in a good way) prices. My décor was technically cheap but it didn’t look cheap and it literally lit up the place for my reception 🙂


2 thoughts on “My DIY wedding

  1. Absolutely beautiful Kerry and I am sure you’ve inpired a lot of future brides too. Your wedding photos are so beautiful and I could see how happy you were on the day – you made such a stunning bride XXX

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