Moran moral of the story

It was after I watched this talk by Caitlin Moran that I realized she would be my new obsession. I am in awe of her way of thinking and views. No fluff, no holding back, just speaking her truth and sharing her lessons.

Caitlin taught me more in 17 minutes than I learnt during my first few months of writing school (granted, it was a short period of time, it was correspondence and I never completed it). As you all know I am a writer, I don’t just claim to be one, I actually am one, know why? because I actually write… all the time. Sure, some of my writing has been published which is cool and has helped firmly plant the seed that this is what I want to do with my life BUT that is not why I call myself a writer, I call myself a writer because I write whenever I can. It is something that needs to come out of me, my thoughts cannot stay only in my mind, they need to be projected out, through writing.

I have always let my lack of tertiary education hold me back somewhat because who is going to look at a CV with no further education on it, right? Wrong! I have created so many opportunities for myself just because of my passion and never stopping.

In any industry, especially the creative industry, qualifications and that piece of paper will most definitely help but the practical experience and passion is what will take you places. Sure, college taught me the English rules but they didn’t teach me to blog (which has helped with most of my opportunities because I can direct people to see my practical work). Yes, somebody who studied further will technically “know more” but that doesn’t mean that they could write a book.

This is by no means me telling you that further education isn’t worth it or is a waste of time because I still do wish I had some form of it (the only reason I didn’t complete my diploma was financial reasons) but it is not the be all and all. It doesn’t mean because you don’t have a degree or diploma, you won’t go anywhere, it just means you may have to work a bit harder to get noticed or to prove yourself.

This took me ages to figure out, and like I said I still let it hold me back, but honestly this 17 minute video pretty much changed that for me. Even though Caitlin does not mention a thing about tertiary education and this video is not about this topic, this is just one of the many things I took away from this video. It has added fuel to the fire so now I am just going to let it burn and see where it takes me.

2 thoughts on “Moran moral of the story

  1. I am only four minutes into this video and I am already 100% with you. I am now going to circle this video round everyone I know. I write as a hobby but mainly as a means of working out my thought and feelings on a subject, I am training to be a teacher and this video even related to that. Not just writing advice, life advice! ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!

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