Update – CBD

3e91949c80200ab3f37f9f0cfa316a1cA few days ago I wrote a really honest post about my compulsive buying disorder and was mostly seeking some advice and hoping that by writing it, and letting everyone see it, it would sink in. Well it has, to an extent. I feel like only positivity came from opening up and revealing so much on my blog because not only did I get some helpful feedback but I now feel accountable to all of my readers. Of course, this doesn’t mean it has been easy!

What I ended up doing that night was going home and making a goals list, because what better way to start anything than by having a list of outcomes you are hoping for.

My list included a few things like do not buy any clothes until your birthday, don’t go to the shops alone, etc,etc. Of course, it has only been a little over a week so there isn’t much progress as far as goals go, but there is as far as positivity goes.

The scary bit is that this week is payday, this is going to be the biggest challenge I am going to face, but will also be one of the biggest achievements when I get through it (note: I said when and not if). If I manage to get through this month without buying anything unnecessarily, buying just because I have the need to buy and actually reach the end of the month with a few cents in my hand then this will be the first month in a few years. It will probably be hard but I do know that I have the support I need, I also know that if I don’t do this then I am going down in a sinking ship so it’s basically do or die and I am not going anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Update – CBD

  1. I have no idea what it feels like to face this challenge Kerry, (I hate shopping) but I believe you can do it! Remember, at the end of the day, it’s just “stuff”. There are far more valuable things to focus time and energy on in life!

    1. Thanks for the support and vote of confidence Gae. All too often because people don’t understand they don’t believe it or think that it is dramatized so I do appreciate every person who is routing for me.
      Also, I needed to hear that line “it is just stuff” because you are absolutely right and one of my new goals is to collect memories and not things/stuff.

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