Granny panties & other misconceptions


There are just so many misconceptions in this world and everyone is so intolerant of each other! Very little time is taken to understand people who are different to you – for example, Caitlin Jenner and the whole sex change. Not all of us can fully understand it but there is no need to judge or make assumptions. Sure, have an opinion but make sure it is backed with fact and not just your misconception.

The same goes with plus-size. I just find that the word has such negativity attached to it. See a girl who is a size 42 eating a chocolate? Don’t assume that she eats one every single day! See where I am going with this? Of course, I cannot speak for every lady, or every plus size lady but I can speak for myself and for a few ladies who I know who I can guarantee you do not eat a chocolate a day.

Before we get into the list, note that this is the definition of misconception –  a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding.

These are the most common misconceptions about being plus size or fat (if you want to call it that)

Bad diet & no exercise

Yes, you see a fat person and assume they have a bad diet and do no exercise. Firstly, you have NO idea where in their life that person is, they could have already lost 50 kilos or they could have just signed up to gym, you just don’t know so you cannot assume anything about them just by looking at them! Secondly, believe it or not, some women don’t want to be a size 8 and run the comrades. This does not mean those women are lazy, it could mean many things but of course, you don’t know. Everybody has their own idea of fit and healthy, which is fine but it also means you cannot judge somebody else. Unless you live with that person and know their daily routine, you don’t know what kind of lifestyle they live!

We don’t want to dress nicely & granny panties

Just because we carry more weight than a model does not mean that we don’t want to look and feel good. We also know how to be sexy so NO, our underwear drawer does not only consist of granny panties but I won’t deny that you will find a few in mine. Everyone should wear what they want to and not let the size of the tag on the item deter you from believing you can wear it! As for fashion brands/retailers who do not want to have any involvement with plus size fashion, you need to get with the times! Plus-size fashion/modelling is becoming a really big deal because we are making it a big deal, so don’t believe for one second that we can’t be fashionable or sexy!

We all hate our bodies

Yes – this is a toughie because I only recently learnt to love my body and accept it. Women of all shapes and sizes are unhappy with their bodies but that doesn’t mean we all hate our bodies and it also doesn’t mean that the media must have the power to make us hate it. Why hate your body when it works for you? When it is one of the only things that is really yours, like really, really yours. If a plus size women or even man loves themselves the way that they are, accept it! This actually speaks the world of them because we all know it is not easy. It should not bug anyone if we love ourselves! Most of the time, women hate their bodies because they are made to hate their bodies. So of course, when someone does love their body, nobody can understand but it’s not for anyone to understand, it for everyone to accept!

In all, just be more tolerant, just be more accepting, let’s all get together to stop this bad body image epidemic. Think of the younger ones – the ones who are growing up and are already being filled with society’s misconceptions.

Also, have you ever taken a minute to wonder how somebody else being plus size affects you? How does it affect your life?

6 thoughts on “Granny panties & other misconceptions

  1. Love love loved this post!!!!!
    And I’m so glad to hear you’ve reached a place of happiness within yourself xxx

    1. Thank you so much Gae 🙂 support and good feedback is always so nice!
      This doesn’t mean I will give up the little bit of exercise I manage to get in or drinking all my water. It just became too tiring hating myself

  2. I am so behind this post! Over the years I have been skinny, fat, fit, and all sorts of in-between things. I’ve gone to gym, and done that whole thing. I still struggle with my body image, it’s a day-to-day battle.

    But it seems like in recent years, actual human bodies are being increasingly excluded from fashion retailers. You get retailers who put medium tags on small items – as if they’re trying to make us feel shit! I am small on top and thick on the bottom, plus I’m tall, so shopping can be a nightmare and some seasonal trends just never work on my body.

    1. Thanks for the comment 🙂
      I really don’t think they pay enough attention to body shapes. They have an idea in their head and that is what they stick with! This is part of the reason we have such body issues, nothing fits us and our sizes differ from retailer to retailer.
      Work on your body image – I promise it is such a beautiful feeling – so freeing!

  3. YES YES YES! 100% YES! I have always been big but describe myself to people that I know well (and who know what I mean) as ‘fat but fit’. Yes I am a UK size 18/20 but that doesn’t mean I don’t walk to work everyday and that I haven’ climbed 17 Munro’s in the past year and a half. HIgh street stores need to get behind everyone being beautiful and forget the traditional idea of beauty being ONLY tiny.

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