Tuesday truths


Blogging is really a big part of my world – if I am not writing on mine then I am reading someone else’s. I have my moments where I become wrapped up in self doubt because there are some bloggers who just do everything perfectly and make it all seem so easy, when, in fact, it isn’t! It takes time to get those perfect pictures, it takes time and energy and creativity to write that really great blog post and it sure is not easy coming up with fresh and unique content almost daily so while I sometimes envy someone else’s blog or skill, I applaud them for the hard work and thank them for providing me with really great written and visual blog posts to read.

My blog? It has been all over the show – it has undergone makeovers a few times, my content ideas have taken turns at every corner. It was a fashion blog, then it was a lifestyle blog, then I wanted to have the best pictures, and then, and then, and then. Now? It is what it is – basically my online journal where I just write what I want to write and when I want to. So it is a personal blog but what I really wish to gain from it is people who can relate to me and the problems/issues/ideas I write about. Yes – I want to inspire someone. Yes – I want people to nod their head in agreement while reading my posts and yes – I want to be brutally honest and share some of my big secrets with you. That is the kind of writing I enjoy doing – honest, real and raw writing. Whether it be about fashion, books or life’s up’s and down’s, I want it to be honest. So here are some Tuesday truths about my little world;

– My home is an Instagram nightmare! It is pretty untidy at the best of times because I would rather read a book than pick up that sock. I don’t have the white duvet cover to take awesome book pictures on (this pains me) and I definitely don’t have the awesome work space to shoot (heartbreaking, I know).

– I love fashion and know very much about it but I am not the most fashionable person daily. Most days I look pretty average (fashion wise) and a “street style photographer” wouldn’t even take a second glance at me. But I am comfortable – the way I like to be. I could definitely make someone or myself look like a million bucks when the need arises though.

– I keep promising myself that I am going to declutter but haven’t gotten around to actually completing it. Though I did do a social media clean up last week which is one of the things of my “declutter to-do list”.

– I am so committed to fighting body shaming and am completely against anyone who wouldn’t want to fight for this. I think of the future of little girls and want to curl up into a ball and weep for them because it has definitely gotten far worse now than when I was younger and I know what I went through with trying to achieve “perfection”.

– I am still learning new things about myself and now that I know to start accepting those things as I find them, I am much happier.

– I want to write a book. This has been something on my mind for ages and I think I have finally realized that it will not be a work of fiction (this isn’t my forte) but rather a relatable book.

– I don’t know Geography, do not ask me what city is in what country because I DON’T KNOW, OKAY!

That’s all for today. Now you know a bit more about me.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday truths

  1. Hahaa this made me giggle! My house is also never instagram worthy, fashion… say what??? I live in pj’s and sports clothes lol! Unlike you though I would not be able to make someone else look amazing. I think its great that you are discovering what works for you in your own online space. And yay for a book!!

    1. Haha Gae, I am glad you got my bit of humour in this!
      I will probably be thinking of Instagram when I look at my next place hahaha. Just kidding!
      Thanks for the support lovely, will be starting it really soon x

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