15 favourite feelings

The beautiful Chereen from For the Beauty of it did a post about her 15 favourite feelings and I couldn’t resist but to start thinking of my own. One thing I did notice is that some of my all time favourite things don’t cost anything, or cost next to nothing (hello second hand bookshop). So here are my 15 favourite feelings;

1. Getting into a bubble bath at the end of the day and listening to music while soaking in the bath.

2. When I have an “aha” moment, especially when it involves life’s puzzles.

3. Getting completely lost in a book, or reading a book so good that I can’t put it down.

4. Cuddling an animal

5. Cuddling my hubby

6. Writing something I am really proud of – this is quite rare because… self doubt

7. Finding a perfect and comfortable reading spot

8. Receiving or giving a really thoughtful/personal gift or message that proves someone knows you and pays attention to you and what you like.

9. Actually doing something that scares me/overcoming obstacles

10. Soft blankets and scarves

11. The excitement and build up to a holiday and then seeing the place I will be staying at in real life. I always look forward to seeing the bedroom and bathroom.

12. Excitement – I love having something to look forward to and to be excited about.

13. That Friday feeling when I go to bed and know that I can sleep in the next day.

14. The feeling of being supported and not alone in the world, especially when having a really crap day!

15. Unconditional love – whether it is me witnessing it or feeling it, it is just such a beautiful thing and gives me all the feels.



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