Vodacom Durban July fashion for the “fatshionista”

The Vodacom Durban July is one of the biggest fashion events in Durban and The Pav has jumped on board this year with some exciting competitions but first, let’s talk about the fashion. There will be a million and one articles on what to wear, where to shop, etc. but none of them will be focused on trying to help the plus size lady try and find something suitable for the event so I am going to take on this task and give you some options, share some shops which I think will possibly have something suitable to wear and even share some tips, so here goes.


I have done some research and selected a few items from retailers in Pavilion which could be styled up to make a fabulous outfit for the event. I have stuck to a nautical colour scheme because of the 2015 theme which is “The Captains Table”

Donna Claire


There are, of course, a few other shops at The Pavilion which stock plus size ranges, including Truworths and Milady’s.


I am not going to tell you what to wear or what not to wear because I am not about that but I will give you some tips to make your day fun, comfortable and fashionable.

SHOES – the shoes you choose are so important so make sure they are comfortable and you can manage in them for a few hours. It is not easy walking on the grass or trying to party when your feet are killing you.

ACCESSORIZE – you don’t have to find the most outrageous outfit to be VDJ suitable, just add some amazing accessories and you will be good to go.

WORK IT – be comfortable, be confident.

The Pav will be having some awesome giveaways leading up to the Vodacom Durban July so keep an eye on their Facebook page and Twitter.

Follow my social media accounts as well for updates on how you can win




4 thoughts on “Vodacom Durban July fashion for the “fatshionista”

  1. so glad someone finally understands that fat peeps also attend glam functions, we also need fab fashion. thank you

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