A friend through Gumtree

I have found/bought many things on Gumtree over the years but never did I expect to find such a treasure!


A little over two years ago I was looking for a lift club because I was moving companies, obviously the first place I looked was Gumtree. I found an ad, replied to it and got a reply back giving me all the details I needed like fees and working times. We basically worked out a plan of action – where I would meet her in the mornings etc. via email and I was good to go. She then mailed me to say that if it would make me feel more comfortable (because she was a stranger) I should invite her on Facebook to make sure she is safe and overall just to get a feel of her. I did that and noticed straight away that I knew who she was – we had gone to the same school, she was a year above me and I had seen her at school and out and about. The reason I didn’t click immediately was because her surname was different – she was now married and had a beautiful little baby girl. This obviously made me feel instantly more comfortable because I actually knew who she was, but also made me nervous because you know at school, there are reputations, there is bitchiness and well, I was just nervous.



I met her at the Pick n Pay near my house the first Monday morning, got in the car and we began chatting, asking questions, finding out about each other and work, the norm. As each day passed we chatted more and more until there was never a moment of silence in the car.

A few weeks in and she invited myself and the now hubby for dinner – it went well and her food was really good! That was just the start of what has turned out to be one of the best friendships I have had.

Soon after that, we had shared all of our deepest and darkest secrets, we spent more time together, I got to know her little one and fall in love with her. We are now best friends, she was my maid of honour/bridesmaid for my wedding (I only had one so she wore all the shoes).


She has comforted me through a few of my worst moments, she has always given me the best advice. We have laughed and cried together. We have gossiped and chatted for hours on end. We voice note each other daily and support each other through every little thing. We rarely make decisions before the other one knows about it and has given an opinion. She has become someone I lean on and someone who I want to be there for whenever she needs me! She is my soul sista.


This, all because of Gumtree. Now I am not saying you will get as lucky as I did but you are guaranteed to find something on Gumtree, if you need it, it’s there!

They have also made life super easy with their app which you can download here (available on Apple, Play Store and Blackberry App World)

If you need some help with the app or have trouble finding (which you shouldn’t because they make everything so easy!) go here

Your new best friend, favourite pair of sunglasses, life changing book, new furniture or apartment could all be an app away so download it now and then tell your bestie how much they rock!

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