I pose in Revelation Fashion

This is more than an outfit post or a photoshoot, this is not just me telling you about an amazing plus size brand, this is me, standing in front of a camera feeling great and showing you my whole body. My whole body which is not perfect from top to bottom, but it is my body and I will take pride in it. I will dress it how I want to and I will walk with my head held high!

Yes, I was nervous for my first photoshoot but why? I don’t know! because it was fun and seeing the pictures of yourself having fun, looking good and confident is nothing to be nervous about. In fact, it has almost unleashed a beast in me – I am planning my next shoot. I am planning more outfits. I am going to be comfortable in every way and form – whether behind the camera or in person.


Let’s talk about the clothes – Revelation Fashion is a relatively new plus size brand that I recently got word of when I entered to win an amazing tulle skirt from fellow blogger Mind the Curves.

The first thing worth mentioning about the items is that the fit is great! It is generous and made for a woman’s curves. Any woman, whether plus size or not relies on a good fit so if a brand can get their specs right then half the battle is won!

I don’t care what anybody says – plus size gals are limited in a lot of ways. I haven’t seen many tulle or full skirts on offer because there are “rules” against them because “they make you look bigger” but Revelation is clearly breaking the rules and giving us the option!

Most of the dresses available are flattering, comfortable and suitable for an evening out (I plan on wearing the black dress with stripes for my “fancier” evenings out).

Overall, I am convinced by Revelation Fashion and have high hopes for them!

Find them here





My photographer was my awesome friend and upcoming Durban photographer – Stacy Booth. She was super easy and fun to work with. Obviously captured some amazing shots and made the whole experience a positive and good one! You can contact her for really good deals on photoshoots and she has a competition running on her page right now

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