The big day

Just a short few weeks ago I was planning a wedding, now I have had my wedding and since I spammed you all with wedding talk I thought I would share a bit of the big day with you.

Hundreds had warned me about how quickly it would go and they were spot on! The day flew by, I was worried about being late, I was late, very late! The hours felt like minutes, emotions were all over the place, everything was a rush and I smoked so many cigarettes that I basically smelled like an ashtray (nothing my perfume couldn’t fix though).


In a nutshell – my wedding day was beautiful, it was unrehearsed, exciting and “us”. I think everybody thinks that their wedding day is the most special because it is so I am not going to bore you with that but I will tell you about the emotional side of it.

As soon as I heard my “walk down the aisle song” which was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, I started sobbing. I had pictured that moment in my mind a million times but NOTHING could prepare me for the actual moment – the moment before I say my vows, the moment before I see my husband-to-be looking dapper and feeling probably as emotional as I am, nothing could prepare me for the rush of emotions I felt. All the prep, all the imagining, all the excitement and adrenaline decided to have a party at that moment and I just sobbed.

Standing there in front of all my loved ones under my beautiful arch sort of feels like a blur but at the same time I remember it, I remember the feelings, I remember looking at my now husband and feeling his love, feeling my love.

After the ceremony I felt happy, photos I felt happy, arriving at the hall and seeing everyone stand as we walked in – I cried again.


All the formalities happened, some awkward…. trying to cut a cake that had hessian wrapped around it and everyone clapping for us even though we hadn’t cut the cake yet, putting cake in each others faces for our own enjoyment because the cake moment had passed.

Que the dance with my dad (to I Loved Her First by Heartland) I don’t want to see those photos, but I do. Many years of dad emotions and issues came up and once again, I sobbed. But this time harder, uglier and sadder. It was the most beautiful moment but also the most emotional. A dance I will never ever forget! As it ended I was called to my mother in law for some comfort and a hug but on my way there I was grabbed by my father in law and taken to the dance floor for some good old sokkie dancing. This too,  is a moment I will never forget because he lightened the mood, cheered me up instantly and made everybody laugh with his funny ways and moves.

The rest of the evening was all about bad dance moves, more smoking, admiring my hubby, getting love from everyone and everything it should be.

Weddings are not for the faint hearted! If the planning and stress of it doesn’t make you cry, you are sure to shed a tear, or in my case, a thousand tears on the day. But regardless of the amount of tears and the emotional rollercoaster, I couldn’t be happier with all the memories I have and now being Mrs Sharper


7 thoughts on “The big day

  1. So gorgeous Kerry! I am SO VERYHAPPY for you and so happy your day was everything you hoped it would be. I know you went through a lot of challenges leading up to your wedding – and I bet they only made the day so much more special. Biggest Hugs and thanks for sharing XXX

    1. Thanks Charlene. You always say the nicest things and actually helped me a bit through that tough time.
      It was an amazingly beautiful day.
      Thank you again for all your support and advice leading up to it xx

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