A new addition to Gumtree

You know that question you get asked if you are a famous person or someone of interest, “what can’t you live without?” well my answer would be my phone. I am quite glued to my phone (Instagram every hour or two, Facebook updates every so often, a Tweet now and then and WhatsApps throughout the day) so I would probably go all “Amanda Bynes” if something happened to my phone! I have a genuine paranoia of it being stolen, so much so, that if I am walking somewhere or am on the road I either leave it or put it in my bra (but can you blame me? The cost of smartphones these days could cover the deposit on a cheap car).


Because I have just recently upgraded and am more paranoid than ever (if anything happens now a new phone is faaaar away) I have an emergency plan – Gumtree. Tons of phones get posted daily and none of them are 3310’s so I will be fine (I am pretty sure if I searched, I would find one though).

Gumtree are on the ball so have done a little upgrade to the site again and added a Phone price checker  which is self explanatory and so useful (especially in a state of cellphone withdrawal). Buying a phone has been made quick and to the point – easy searching, quick results! If you are a Samsung gal like myself or an Apple die hard then you can go straight to the brand of your choice and see what is on offer.

The phone price checker is also handy because it tells you the average price of a phone so you can tell upfront if you will be eating steak, egg and chips or 2 minute Noodles for the rest of the month,.

Save the link on your phone, or don’t because you would probably only need the link because your phone is gone!

Just remember, Gumtree

*Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post

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