Your after is somebody’s present

The only blog content I have been posting recently is wedding related but believe it or not, I have been doing other things besides planning a wedding which is what has led to this post.

I am part of a lot of health groups, follow a lot of Instagram accounts and I also follow a few blogs because as you know I am on and off diet about a hundred times a year and these help me stay motivated when I am dieting or motivate me to start dieting if I am not already.

I love seeing people’s transformations but not for the obvious reasons. I like seeing someone who put their mind to something and achieved it and since we all know how hard weight loss/dieting/changing your lifestyle can be, it really is inspiring to see someone who set a goal and achieved it. I enjoy reading about how they overcome the struggles and how they are healthier (i.e. not skinnier or not better looking) HEALTHIER and/or fitter.

Of course, if the person is more confident and happier with themselves then that is flippen fantastic too but I cannot see that from looking at a picture. I can’t tell if they are genuinely at a good place and in love with who they are just by comparing a before and after picture. You see, people set a goal weight and majority of the time are still not happy with themselves when they get to or even below that goal. I am starting to think that weight obsession is a sickness because even when you get to the best place you could be at, you might not be as happy as you thought because why? Weight obsession grabs you and imprisons you – it is a life sentence that there is very rarely bail for.

But my whole problem with all of this is not whether people are happy when they see their after photo but rather what they say about their before photo. I see so many people referring to themselves as disgusting and “I hate myself when I look at that old picture of me”. This bugs me because a) disgusting and body should never be in the same sentence, especially NOT when speaking about yourself and b) your before is somebody else’s before, present or after so you would be indirectly saying they are disgusting too.

I get why people refer to fat as disgusting because it obviously doesn’t have the best reputation but referring to yourself as disgusting because you are fat is not okay!

I am the last one to preach about self love because I am still up and down – one minute I can accept myself, the next I can’t but I can say that I have never once thought I am disgusting or any other word of the sort.

This post is a ramble but I think it is important to be mindful of others because while you may hate your 90 kilo self, somebody else might love themselves at the same weight. And with the world the way it is about weight, we really should try and be part of the solution and not the problem. If you have been overweight and hated yourself, instead of saying “oh my gosh, look at the old me, I hate that old me, I hate the way I look” say “I have worked hard to get to a place where I am comfortable”.

Maybe the point of this post is just to say watch what you say because if you have been at that vulnerable, negative place, you should want to help others out of it and trying to make that negative place disappear in this world. You know how it feels to be there, do not lead others there and help those out who are already there.


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