The bachelorette party

I have found throughout my wedding, a beautiful way to keep memories is to put it all on my blog or in my diary. So while my memory is still fresh, here is the bachelorette post.

Firstly, I will start off by telling you that I bought a leopard print jumpsuit from Miladys – it was on sale, my size and is the most comfy fabric in the world. I bought this for my party and planned on wearing it every Saturday until the day finally arrived. Luckily, the first Saturday I wore it happened to be D day (so now I will be wearing it everyday of the week).

I arrived at the family’s house, non the wiser but as soon as I spotted my bridesmaids car there I knew something was cooking. It was exciting and overwhelming – all my favourite people were there waiting for me, ME!

The theme was wedding movies (it took me quite a while to notice, at first I thought it was just chick flicks but then I noticed the pattern). The theme was obviously because of my love for movies but also because my clever bridesmaid knew that I wanted one of those movie scene boards (the black ones they use when they say “cut”) for the wedding pics but never ended up getting it so she used that as the start of her planning. This was pretty much the perfect theme!

What followed was present opening, lots of laughs and lots of selfies because guess who got a selfie stick? (this was a must-have for honeymoon).

We said our goodbyes and I was taken off to get dressed for the night out, “the last night as a single lady”. My bridesmaid wasn’t too rough on me with the dressing up part – all black with a sash, alice band, fairy wings, glow in the dark bangles for Africa, a bell, a marriage fund hat – which was supposed to be a bucket but couldn’t be found.

Off we went to Florida Road where I was told I would be doing an “amazing race”. Three tasks at each jol would allow me to move onto the next one. I walked into the first place very nervous because I was going to be asking for money and I only had two drinks in me from much earlier in the day – dutch courage was non-existent. Tequila fixed that very quickly, I also completed my three tasks in record time.

I collected money, I danced, I drank, I joked, I had the best jol and guess what? I remember most of it because despite having many shooters in me, I am really good at remembering my shenanigans so here is my list of highlights and everything I remember very clearly

– I made R500 and some change, which paid for my drinks and bought me Mcdonalds at the end of the night (Best McDs ever!)

– I gave two staunch GP guys the biggest fright when I walked up to their window from the back of the car and shouted hello at them, I then proceeded to ask them for money and when one of them dropped R5 while giving me a whole bunch of change, I gently asked if he would be picking up the R5 and giving it to me.

– I asked an Enforce security guard for money and he gave me some.

– A vendor gave me a packet of those 50c tuckshop chips, he kindly put them into my hat, which pleased me for reasons beyond being a drunk idiot.

– My shoe broke, which caused me to tell the whole world it was broken, drunk dial a friend who I had laughed at when her shoes (the same as mine) broke. I also asked a girl for her Nike’s…. she obviously didn’t give them to me but was a good sport and a really cool gal.

– I asked a man who had dreads if he was from Jamaica (he was from England) and then proceeded to ask him if he smoked weed (which he answered yes to).

– Got given a cigarette (in my hat) and a dudes last piece of gum (which I returned because “he might need it later in case he kisses a girl”).

– I ate just about the whole of McDs and had the best time talking with friends and my mom (that’s right, my mom was there, and laughed with and at me the whole night.. Shout out to an awesome mom).

– I got home and kept the fiancé awake with my stories and of course, I had to go through all my presents again (so spoilt)

The most embarrassing picture I have ever put on the internet

These were just a few of the amazing things that happened. It was an awesome night and I am grateful for all the planning that went into it all.

I now look forward to seeing the fiancé come home at the wee hours of the morning to tell me all about his bulls party shenanigans and then of course, the wedding.

I would love to hear some of your bachelorette stories


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