Selling made super easy with Gumtree

My fashion and shopping addiction is next level (Confessions of a Shopaholic is basically my life) sooo I have a problem with cupboard space because my little one bedroom granny flat only has one cupboard which is relatively small and I have to share with the hubby to be, of course. But the small cupboard isn’t enough to make me stop shopping and buying clothes so I constantly find myself having to do a clean out because a) it is over full and then I crease everything when looking for something and b) I just always have so much that I don’t wear.

Now add the fact that I often buy something and leave it in the packet, forget about it, and when I find it, dislike it or am “over it” to that equation and I have a lot of unused clothes on my hands with not enough space for them.

I solved this problem though (not the small cupboard or the shopping addiction) with Gumtree. I often turn to Gumtree to sell my cupboard clean outs. It is so easy to upload and attract people because there are always so many people on the hunt for something on the site. But since I consider myself a Gumtree pro, I know this, but there might be some of you who don’t or who are battling to get rid of a few items, or perhaps have never posted on Gumtree. Cue the GUMTREE SELLER GUIDE which is a handy guide for sellers on how to get more replies on their ads.

Gumtree explains it as “As easy as one, two, three” to sell, which it is (so there is no need to hold onto anything unused or clutter). Things such as making sure your ad title will catch attention, uploading good photos and categorizing your ads are a few of the things that will make your selling experience on SA’s biggest classifieds website a success.


If you need some help selling or just want to browse (believe me there is everything you can imagine on there) then leave my blog right now and head to Gumtree to spend all your money, or to make all your money.


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