We need help!

I am disturbed, I am sad, I am worried about the state of the human race.

You would never normally find me writing about One Direction but this whole Zayn leaving thing has caught my attention. There have been some really funny tweets about it but on the complete opposite end, there has also been the serious side – the #cutforzayn hashtag! I heard about it and shrugged it off until I heard how many posts there were under this hashtag. Curiosity got the better of me so I searched it…. worst mistake! I have this horrible feeling in my stomach, this pure sadness because seeing what people are doing to themselves over a band member leaving is scary!

I am an obsessive person but I cannot imagine being so obsessed with something that I would harm myself over it. As an anxiety and depression sufferer I know what it feels like when things get out of control in your mind, when you experience feelings that nobody can understand. I know what it feels like when your mind goes to worst case scenarios and you just want the feeling to go away but I am so stunned at the triggers nowadays.

Of course, these people have problems and some of them are just looking for a reason to cut but then are the others that are genuinely that cut up about Zayn, that they want to cut themselves up.

Now I am wondering if this has always been something that happens? Did people do this back in the day and it wasn’t known about because there was no such thing as social media? Or have humans just completely lost the way? Are we way too involved with pop culture? What is happening? And how can we fix this?

I don’t know how to process this, I feel sorry for them and I feel sorry for him, can you imagine hearing that because you have made a decision you feel is right for you, people are hurting themselves? Can you imagine what these people are feeling to want to do this to themselves? It is just genuinely sad!

I don’t suggest searching the hashtag because you will feel how I am feeling now, but I do want to know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “We need help!

  1. Eish, Kerry, I’m with you on this – its quite frightening! I will take your advice and will not look up the hashtag because I am typically over sensitive and just don’t think it would be wise! But Im also curious about how this sort of thing happens and why young people especially are so easily influenced these days… I do remember doing obsessive things related to the happenings in the pop culture world when I was young – I all but created a shrine when Princess Di died, and had Hanson paraphernalia all over my room (gulp, did I just say that out aloud?!) but self-harming as a reaction to ‘bad’ news, erm, no… Scary and sad 😦

  2. Good decision Andrea, I cannot unsee it and it has honestly ruined my day because I just can’t deal with this happening.
    I also remember doing silly stuff and wanting to be this person or that person and yes, I too had the posters all over my walls of whoever I was into, I think that is quite normal. But it has gone waaaaay further than that nowadays. I mean, I loved Britney but I didn’t go and have my hair cut like hers and get highlights.
    Nowadays, people are getting surgery to look like celebs, they are cutting, they are stalking, yoh! It is just so scary.

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