Entering the 8th week of F2F Challenge

My weight is an ongoing battle, my regulars will know this as you have followed my journey on Weigh Less, my Well I Am challenge and all my attempts at trying to lose weight. The fact is it is an ongoing struggle for those who are addicted to food, or have come to rely on food for a lot of emotions. As much as I and so many wish we could wake up one day with a changed mindset (which I have done so many times) and it will be enough to drive us to our goal weight, most of the time (well in my case) it is not! Somehow I have always managed to let myself down and fail.

My latest journey is the Fat 2 Fit Challenge with A New Weigh, which I started at the beginning of the year. With my wedding on the way, I really wanted to shed a few kilos and start toning up for the big day. Naturally, I started off so motivated and that motivation has been up and down since then. Because of this, I haven’t lost what I wanted to lose to date however this is nobody’s faulty but my own. I have moments of weakness, I fail to plan, I get so wrapped up in other things that I completely lose focus on my goals and myself. Despite this, I have not given up and that is because of the challenge itself

The support is unbelievable, any time of the day or night I have a question about ANYTHING, the girls who are part of the challenge and Gaelyn and her assistants are there to answer or help. The meals are delicious and don’t cut out any food group (which I am in huge favour of) and it is all simple once you get into it.

I always let myself down but these ladies are preventing me from doing it this time which I am so grateful for.

Today marks the beginning of the 8th week and I plan on going full speed downwards until the end of it and until my wedding.

A New Weigh and Fat 2 Fit are definitely something to look into if you are anything like me.

8 thoughts on “Entering the 8th week of F2F Challenge

  1. I absolutely loved my time on the last F2F Challenge and can’t wait to join the next one! The support really is what gets you through those tough days.

    I shared a quote with my group of ladies at the time and what to share that with you today because it is sooooo true! “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily – Zig Ziglar”

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge! Just remember that you have the power to tell your brain to shut-up when it is trying to convenience you to eat off plan or that you can’t do this or any other rubbish it is trying to tell you.

    1. Absolutely – the support is amazing, the best I have received in any challenge or diet I have done.
      Thanks for that quote Kate, it is so true. I am going to do the whole talking to myself every morning and every evening to keep myself motivated and to keep going.

  2. I understand where you are and the struggle you’re facing every damn day. But I promise if you take it one step at a time and remind yourself how strong and how capable you are, you WILL reach your goals! Break it up into little pieces and it won’t seem so overwhelming. I am 100% behind you and ready to help you get to that happy, healthy place!

  3. Thanks Gae – you are one in a million!
    Like I said, I am going to give myself the talking to everyday, I am going to do whatever it takes each morning to get me motivate and through the day.

  4. you can do it Kerry! I totally understand the difficulty, I also have up and down days but it’s okay and nothing to beat yourself up about, all these things make us human. I eat my feelings too and food is a great source of comfort for me, with me the problem is I eat when I’m happy and sad, food is used as a crutch and as a celebration.

    You will get there I’m sure of it, and we are all behind you, use us as sober buddies haha, just a tweet away when you are feeling down or like you are going to cave.

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