Books without batteries

Reading is one of my only constant obsessions so I know a thing or two about the magic of a book, I have a serious appreciation for a well researched and curated plot and of course, about reading an actual book and reading an e-book.

I purchased my first e reader about four years ago through Kalahari (I really wanted a Kindle but at the time couldn’t afford one and the Gobi that Kalahari stocked was reasonable and came with a free book voucher so I jumped on it). I was a little disappointed when it arrived because I expected more, nevertheless I read a few books on there, swopped between books and e-books and eventually it just lay there.

In December last year I decided I wanted a Kindle for Christmas because I battle to read books at night, without doing proper research and jumping the gun, I purchased a second hand Kindle in mint condition. I was disappointed in this too because a) I expected more and b) I needed a Kindle paper white (I think) because the one I got was no good for reading at night but rather for in the sun. Within a few days I re-sold the Kindle.

Since then I have been reading actual books and I purchased a bright desk lamp to use at night.

I have nothing against e readers and would like to buy a Kindle (the right one) one day, but I will never, ever, ever stop buying/borrowing books. There is just something I love about holding a new or used book in my hands. Of course, there is also the bookshop trips which I will never give up.

Every time I see a magazine closing down due to lack of sales and each time I see something go completely digital, I get a chill because I will literally cry if this happens with books. As much as I know there are thousands of books out there and that we will never be left with zero books, I am so afraid that authors and publishers decide to start going digital only – perhaps for the environment or because that’s what sells more. Does anyone else worry about this?

I vote for books without batteries!

*Update: I saw this article this morning about books being more in demand than e-books and it made me really happy.

4 thoughts on “Books without batteries

  1. Hi
    glad to see I am not alone… No digital reader can replace the feel and touch of a book. I do try to read on my tablet but I quickly need to stop… and usually end up reading the same book in its paper version… But I am afraid editors do push the digital version because i suppose their profit margin is way higher as they don’t have any paper, handling, transportation etc… to deal with.
    so I guess in maybe 10 year’s time, we would be all printing the books we want to read from the digital version… What a pain ;(

    1. I feel exactly the same way, I have also often switched mid way through a digital book to a proper book.
      I am hoping it won’t come to that in 10 years time because I have read some articles recently that say paperback sales are on the rise again, here’s holding thumbs hey.
      Thanks for the comment

      1. Hi Kerry – so pleased I came across your blog cos I have been toying with this idea for ages – I too love the feel and smell of paper- and you have given me some pointers …
        However …
        I have recently come across some newly released books in USA which may / not get released here and so how to get?
        And now…? Was thinking tomorrow , tomorrow time to visit kindle store ..
        Re a different thread though , I have also read recently about the revival of the printed book so don’t believe they’ll ever disappear!
        Enjoying your book reviews too! New follower I am !

  2. Hi Kerry glad I found your blog as been debating this whole thing too as love the smell and feel of paper so this helps….

    I have recently come across some new books just released in USA which don’t know if will be avail in SA and if are, will be very expensive -and there are many so … Perhaps worth it for books like these? Your thoughts?
    Also read recently that printed books are on a revival trail so don’t think will ever disappear!
    Enjoying your book reviews too !

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