Two months away

This morning I woke up with exactly two months to go until I become a Mrs, until I say my I do’s and till I change something that has been with me my whole life – my surname.

The planning of 2 May has seen me throw tantrums (well, not quite, but almost) it has had me depressed one minute and excited the next, it has made me want to just go to court or elope but most importantly it has taught me that there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am ready to be a wife and also that I have really chosen a partner who is a good fit.

I have spent so much time trying to get the day to be perfect that I haven’t taken any time to reflect and think about my future as a Mrs. Basically, my thoughts, my planning, my future has gone as far as 2 May 2015 and not any further.

All my effort, all my money, all my time has gone into the 2nd of May but then what?

I don’t want it to be an anti climax, I don’t want to put everything into one day and then feel a sense of purposefulness after the day has passed and it is “back to reality”.

So I have decided to take some time out to start planning mine and my husbands future, think about ways to keep things fun and alive, to be the best fiancé I can be and then the best wife I can be.

Of course, I want the beautiful day and I know that I wont have any regrets about the planning, time and money spent on my special day but seriously only once you are planning do you realize how much you want to impress other people rather than create a day for love and to what extents you would go to have one perfect day and not even think about the rest of the days.

I don’t quite know what the point of this blog post is, whether it is to tell you that a wedding is just one day so don’t make that your be all and end all, or whether it is just me acknowledging that I have been so materialistic the last few months (which I don’t want to be). It could  also be me admitting that I got so wrapped up in this that I didn’t care for much else until I had a wake up call.

But whichever way you take it, I hope you gained something from it


One thought on “Two months away

  1. Time truly does fly when you are planning a wedding. The last 3 months leading up to my wedding I had nothing left to plan so I had so much time to think about all the little things I might have missed – because no one gets things planned in 2 months right?! Then I told myself to just relax – on the day after everyone had left I realised a lot of the little touches hadn’t been put out and there were things I didn’t even think about – truth is no one was the wiser and I didn’t even notice because the day is about you marrying the man of your dreams 🙂

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