Where does the time go?

Today I feel confused, excited and scared.. It is the fiancés birthday and while it is exciting that I get to spend another birthday with him and I get to experience his growth and maturity, I also cannot believe that it is already time for another birthday.

I met him when he was 20, today he turns 28, so yes, that means 8 years together (almost) and it also means that he has basically gone from a young adult to an adult. The change in him is huge – not only appearance but in all aspects. This is exciting, we have gotten to share so much together and still will experience a lot (because we tie the knot very soon).

The confusion and fear sets in when I realize that it has already been 8 years, but it feels like yesterday. He is another year older and I too will be another year older soon. Time has just run away with us, and as much as we have achieved and accomplished on our own and as a couple in these 8 years, I still feel shell shocked and overwhelmed because I really and truly only realized now how quickly time goes.

Shit is getting real – marriage, talk of kids and a bigger home (not that I want to do it with anyone else) but because time is just going so quickly. I barely feel like I have a chance to make these big decisions because it’s like now or never. Time is not waiting for us.

Am I the only one at 25 feeling like this? I don’t want time to move so quickly because I want more time to do things, more time to spend with him, more time to make decisions.

Naturally, the first solution that came to my mind is the old clichés – that I must use time wisely and make every moment count, stop wishing time away, etc. They may be cliché but they are the absolute truth so here is me, starting my cliché little timesaving life.


2 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. I’m about to turn 30 and am so damn excited! I think I am the only person I know who gets excited about aging. Why? Because each new year ,each age, brings with it exciting possibilities and adventures and life experiences that you will not have had before, and will never have again. I see birthdays as a chance to reflect on what I loved and hated, and make sure I do more of what makes me happy the following year. You are about to enter a new stage of your life, marriage is AMAZING and you only have that privilege because you are a little older. Embrace it!

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