A reason

I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”. Sometimes I don’t understand the reason or I get angry at the reason but I know that somehow the universe and the higher power is looking out for me.

Last night was an example of this…

My friend, mom in law and I were meant to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, of course, I was super excited to spend time with them and watch the movie BUT the universe wasn’t as excited about this…

Firstly, the logistics were an issue – we all stay in different areas but I don’t have a car, so I needed to somehow get there and nobody wanted to drive alone because the movie started at 8 so would finish late and who wants to drive home late at night by yourself. Nevertheless, we sorted out logistics last minute.

My friend and I were going together but before we left she offered to pick my mom in law up, which she declined because she wasn’t ready.

We arrived at Galleria and had a problem with parking.

We then went to get our tickets from the self service machine and none of them would accept the card, eventually one of them did and it said “printing” but nothing came out. We had to go to the cashier and get her help but she couldn’t help us and had to call a manager.

We were standing in line waiting to get our popcorn and I received a message from my mom in law (who still hadn’t arrived) saying she had been in an accident.

She is fine, the car is quite wrecked but we are grateful that she is fine!

Basically, my friend and I left to go and be with her and on the way we agreed that it wasn’t meant to be that we watch the movie. Everything was against us and sometimes when you don’t listen the first time, you will get reminders.

I don’t know what possibly could have happened if we didn’t follow our gut at that point, but I woke up fine today and for that, I can thank the universe, my gut and my God.

We may never know the reason we weren’t meant to stay and watch the movie, we also may never know the reason my mom in law had to suffer the trauma of an accident but I do know that we are all okay today and for that I am grateful.

Trust your gut, obey that niggly feeling, go with your instincts and keep you ears and eyes open to the messages you are being sent.


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