Book awards anyone?

So you know how everybody goes gaga over the Grammy’s and a big deal is made about the Emmy’s, why is there not a book version of this?

A hyped up, talked about event for books (technically authors). Authors work hard to create their characters, their settings, their plots and twists. It is not easy keeping a person engaged for a whole three hundred or so pages, so authors that can do this, deserve an award.

Authors are just as artistic and creative as singers or actors (if not more) so why don’t they get the big red carpet recognition, in the form of the award shows we are used to? Yes, yes, you get the book to film adaptations which sometimes get widely acknowledged but it is not the same thing….

Best female/male character

Best plot development

Best plot twist

Books that brought out all the emotions

Most likeable/relatable character

Most memorable chapter

Get where I am going with this? Why is this not a thing?

Besides the fact that amazing writers will get recognition, the hype created around it and all the talk about books will have people intrigued, people would perhaps read more.

It is a win-win situation so like, why are we still waiting for this to happen?



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