My first visit to Antique Cafe

Firstly, load shedding worked in my favour today because we got to step out of the office and into a little vintage wonderland (aka Antique Café) to work.

Secondly, where the hell have I been that I only visited this amazing little café today?

Basically, I found my new spot, it is a miss matched heaven for vintage and antique lovers. 20150204_103619

I appreciate vintage stuff, I love old cars, I love fashion from way back when and I think that they just did things so differently then, so I am all for a vintage lifestyle and Antique Café gives you one away from home.

It is so imperfectly decorated that it is perfect, it is so beautiful in the little garden that you don’t want to leave, the energy is calm and beautiful and the food is delicious.

20150204_122121 20150204_110423

Obviously the vintage shops attached to the café are an added bonus… lunch/snacks and shopping are pretty much a perfect day.


This treasure is in Churchill Road, just off Windermere Road.


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