Link love #5


How to organise your wardrobe – Chereen Strydom

I have absolutely been loving Chereen’s blog, For the beauty of it. Since the beginning of the year she has been posting organizational tips (but tips that she has been enforcing in her own life which makes them great tips). With me trying to simplify my life all of her tips, including organising your wardrobe will help towards that goal.

16 Songs to listen to based on your favourite song from 1989 – Buzzfeed

I love 1989 so obviously a list of similar songs is music to my ears.

6 Simple, natural tips to reduce anxiety – Mind, Body, Green

I posted this link in my last post but thought I would mention it again because honestly, it came just at the right time for me

The problem isn’t that life is unfair – it’s our broken idea of fairness via Oliver Emberton

This post is simply amazing and makes so much sense

Girl Lost in the City – Emma Gannon

Read every post on this blog, I love the blog and I love Emma (she has even met Lena Dunham)

Have you found anything cool worth sharing or that you really enjoyed lately? Share it with me

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