Dealing with anxiety

Much like depression and other mental illnesses, anxiety sufferers often suffer in silence. Instead of seeking help or talking about it, they battle their mind on their own.

I am very open about my anxiety, I speak about it (I actually speak about everything because I genuinely believe this helps most situations in some way). I am not afraid to admit that I am on tablets to help keep it under control and I take my tablets every single day but that doesn’t necessarily mean I suffer less, I just have a good understanding and those around me also understand because of my openness and do their best to assist when I am having a difficult time.

So you see, either way anxiety is a biatch, she may be less so when you accept her but that doesn’t stop her attacking. But by educating yourself, knowing yourself and paying attention to your mind, your habits and your feelings you can make it slightly easier.

I started off the year on a positive note but then it all went downhill, I started feeling less and less like myself, my mind was a war field. I was constantly tired and irritable. I wasn’t a nice person to be around. It took me about a week to figure it out and I immediately apologized to everyone, started talking about it, made a doctors appointment and took some time out (for me a good bath with some bath goodies and some mediation seem to work wonders).

I am already feeling better because I admitted to it, I accepted it and I looked for help. I really think that this is where the problem lies for most anxiety/depression sufferers is that they don’t take the precautions when having a downer and not realizing how bad that really is.

I found a really good article on Mind Body Green about some natural ways to handle  anxiety this morning and I can vouch for most of these so check it out if you suffer with anxiety or are just a bit stressed.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is nothing to hide from, in fact, that is the worst thing you can do. It doesn’t mean I am mad because I take tablets, it doesn’t mean I am a hazard or a ticking time bomb to those around me, it just means that I handle situations differently and that my mind is overflowing.

Life is one helluva ride and really it’s not surprising that things like depression and anxiety exist, but the more it is spoken about the more we can help each other deal.

3 thoughts on “Dealing with anxiety

  1. Needed to read this today. I am a bundle of angst right now, and I know what’s caused it. I’m trying to action on it but, yoh…it feels like an uphill battle that’s got lions roaring down the mount towards me.

    But, we carry on XXX

  2. Thanks for sharing this. My little one has extreme anxiety already and many people don’t understand it. It’s something we are working through together and helping her deal and cope with. It’s definitely not something to ignore or hide from. xxx

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