A way with words

I got to meet one of my favourite authors, Jodi Picoult on Wednesday night. She is not what I expected, but more. She is such a natural with words, not only on paper but in person too. I sat listening to her reading a snippet of her book, then telling us all about her research for her new book, Leaving Time and I kind of just sat there in awe and thinking, wow, wow, wow.

I have such an appreciation for Jodi’s work because she has the ability to make me feel so much when reading her books. Her novels go way beyond just a character and a plot and when she was talking last night I realized why – she researches until she has all the facts, until she knows all the ins and outs of whatever situation or character she is writing about. I mean, obviously research is a big  part of any book but Jodi does it all differently (yes I call her Jodi now because we’re like buddies).

For me, the talk and being in her presence was more than just meeting one of my favourite authors. It was a kick up the back side for me and inspired me. I love words, I really do. Whether I am writing or reading them, I just love them! I need to do more with that than what I am currently doing, I need to learn more, I need to read more and I need to write more.

I don’t want to be Jodi Picoult (even if I wanted to I never could) but I do want to develop my voice the way she has done.

I am pretty intrigued by Jodi Picoult and cannot wait to read the book.

Here are some snaps.


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