A new day, a new F2F challenge

Here I am again on day one of a new weightloss/fitness challenge. I find myself feeling anxious, excited and motivated because today I change my life, today marks the first day of a big change.

Now I know you have heard and read this a million times before, in fact, this is the most common new years resolution. As for me, I have attempted this many times before (I have even written about my journey on here) but I have failed. Sometimes failed a few weeks in and sometimes a few months in. Either way, I have failed and I don’t want to be a failure, especially when I am not comfortable with my health and fitness.

For me this goes beyond wanting to look good, it is to get my cholesterol down, it is to feel comfortable on my wedding day in May and not hate the photos when I look at them afterwards, it is about wanting to be healthy and not carry so much extra weight so that when the time comes that I fall pregnant, I wont be carrying extra kilos and a baby. My addiction to food is also clearer than ever so now that I have recognized and accepted this, I need to start the process of change.

So today I start the Fat 2 Fit Challenge with A New Weigh (owned and run by Gaelyn Cokayne). It is a 12 week challenge that is going to test me, that is going to probably have me vomiting because of how unfit I am. Everything is pretty straight forward but there is so much assistance and motivation that I know whenever I have a bad day, I can turn to the girls who are also doing the challenge as well as Gae and Kerri (Kerri is a coach).

I can’t say how it is going to go and I also cant say how I am going to feel two weeks from now but I am going to take it one day a at a time. My reasons for wanting to change my lifestyle have changed and are not as shallow and vain as they were previously. I have legit reasons and goals this time and I am going to do my utmost best to let that keep me motivated.

Now, let me go make my healthy breakfast.

You can follow me on Twitter @_Kerry_berry_ or Instagram kerryberry5 for updates about how my challenge is going.


6 thoughts on “A new day, a new F2F challenge

  1. You won’t be sorry!!! The F2F Challenge was the best thing I have done for myself in years!! All the best!! And enjoy the ANW pizza 😉

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