THE dress hunt

My big day is coming up so I started the year off with a bang – dress shopping for my wedding.

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted and I was not going to stray from it – no bling or poof, it was going to have lots of lace and be a very boho type of dress, more relaxed than elegant.

Even though I had an idea in my mind of what I was looking for, the thought of having to pick ONE dress out of all of them was so daunting (especially because I am one of the most indecisive people ever!). So in order to try and eliminate confusion and decisions that felt like they were going to be too hard to make I wanted to keep my options limited.

I strictly told myself not to visit too many bridal shops and even tried to avoid them by looking on Gumtree etc for a dress so that I wouldn’t be faced with thousands of beautiful dresses and a decision to make.

My first stop was at the Musgrave bridal and fabric shop, I tried a dress on that I really liked but was way out of my budget (I knew this when I tried it on BUT I really just wanted to try a dress on and that was the only one that appealed to me (even though it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind). Anyway I moved onto a small boutique run from home and tried on something that I loved but wasn’t too happy about the way it showed off my figure (but I could lose weight right?). After I sent pics to everyone (only my bridesmaid was with me to try this one on) they all agreed that I must try on some more and even though I was in “I have found my dress, I don’t want to try on anymore mode” I agreed. I really thought that it could have been the one and I would have been happy to wear it on my wedding day.

So we all got into the car last Saturday and went on a mission to find the dress. I tried on three and wasn’t happy. I tried on another at China Mall (yes believe it, it was a beautiful Grecian style dress that I was ready to buy) but we had one more place to go so everyone urged me to just go to the last boutique.

On the way to the last boutique, my bridesmaid (aka best friend and wise one) said to me, I know you have liked most of the dresses you have tried on but trust me when you find “the one” it will be a unanimous decision. I thought to myself I really don’t think so because there are four women in this car all with different tastes and opinions, there is no way we are going to be able to agree on one dress.

I walked into the boutique and was surrounded by beautiful dresses and a changing room which lead into another room where my fiancés mother, aunty and my bridesmaid sat eagerly waiting for me to come into wearing a dress. I walked out in the first dress and let’s just say it was a moment I will never forget (a real say yes to the dress moment to be exact). We all fell in love with the dress instantly. It flattered me in all the right places and hid away all my problem areas. Guess what? It was nothing like I had imagined I would wear, nothing like what I had in mind, in fact, it doesn’t even have lace on it (and lace was going to be a biggie).

I wanted to cry, the mother in law to be wanted to cry and it was just one big emotional fest. I agreed to try on the other ones I had chosen and well nothing could compare. I put the one back on and knew 100% that I had to have this dress. I didn’t want to take it off! There was absolutely no doubt in mind.

The dress hunt turned out to be not as daunting as I thought but way more emotional than I expected. Also, I have never felt more beautiful than I did in that moment of seeing the dress on me for the first time so I cannot wait to put it on again.

A word of advise to brides to be, don’t rush the process, try on as many as you need to be 100% because you only get married once (hopefully) so make it count! Also, believe everyone when they say you will know when you put it on if its the one! If there are any doubts or any things you don’t like about the dress, continue your search.

I am now literally counting the days because I cannot wait to become a Mrs to my soul mate, wear my beautiful dress and celebrate with those closest to me.


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