Making moves

I have moved more times in 25 years than many do in their lifetime. Some of the moves have been exciting (the time I moved into my first home with the fiancé) and others not so much (my move from JHB to Durban in the middle of Grade 8) but through all the moves I have learnt a lot about moving and I am going to share some of that with you because we could all use a helping hand with a big move.

Firstly, start early if you can, pack the stuff you are not/won’t be using so that when the day before comes you are not faced with half a home to pack and not enough time.

Mark everything clearly and don’t mix things up, i.e. don’t put kitchen stuff in your bedroom box, keep it neat and simple.

Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials and keep that with you on the day so that you know where it is when you need it.

Try and use a different box or big clear container for the stuff that you will need first (like a kettle for the coffee in the morning) so that you can spot it easily from the rest.

Keep sandwich bags at hand to pack all the little nik naks so that they can be kept together in one safe place.

Take photos of how electronics are connected if you are afraid of not being able to connect things at your new home (single ladies this one could really help you)

Before selling anything you will not be using or don’t want to keep, let those who will be helping you with the move have a look and see if they could use it.

Make sure everything is packed before moves/friends/family arrive to help with the move, it drags the process out, causes irritation and will be in your best interest because the move will be more organized.

Change your address!!

Defrost your fridge a day or two before the move.

As you offload, ask whoever is helping you to put things in their place, not just anywhere because that makes more work and your new home will come together a lot quicker by doing this.

Those are my tips, do you have any to add? If you still haven’t found a new place to move to but are on the hunt then I can suggest’s new property finder. This is a property pricing tool where you can find the current pricing for properties for sale and rent within SA. You can view this new addition here


This is nifty to show you an average price of property in the area you are looking at.


With all the info and statistics as well as thousands of listings, this is the way to search for property

I am looking at making another move this year because our little starter home is starting to feel little. Are you or anyone you know making a move this year? Or looking to move? Suggest this to them to make life easier.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored idea post but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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